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On Hold Messages

Since phone systems became an everyday part of office life, putting customers on hold has been a necessary component of a lot of calls. It is usually far better to place a call on hold than to have the client listen to you asking questions or rustling around for paperwork. But music and beeps are no longer the best answer. Messaging on Hold solutions allow you to do a lot more with that time. By using this feature you will be able to cross-sell, answer frequently asked questions or advise on upcoming dates and events. The system is simple to control, being easily accessed from the desk-set or software, dependent on the package we tailor for you.

Calendar functions within the system allows you to schedule changes in the messages in advance. Have the promotional details ready to go as soon as they are relevant, advise customer of delays or increased timescales as soon as they come into effect, tell them of an upcoming deadline straight away. Reordering of information and insertion of messages can also be instant, meaning that you do not have to reload the entire system every time.

Chrome telecom can help you to set this up from day one, meaning that there won’t be any kinks in the system and no matter how busy you get, your phones will always be helping you to keep your customers informed and satisfied.

About Chrome

Chrome Telecom is one of the UK's fastest growing telecommunication specialists. We can provide Business Phone Systems, Wholesale Calls and Lines, Fibre Broadband, Call Recording and Call Management Solutions. The best part? We provide all of this with no capital outlay plus calls, lines and broadband supplied at wholesale prices.

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