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Call Recording

In the past decade the use of call recording software has become commonplace within certain industries and is becoming increasingly relevant across the board. Technology is changing quickly and more people working outside of the traditional office environment.

There are many reasons to consider phone call recording with one of the most beneficial being to improve customer satisfaction. By being able to monitor live calls and listen back to previous interactions between your employees and customers you will be able to highlight areas of improvement for customer service as well as resolve any complaints about the call itself. It can also assist in the reduction of data entry issues. Where customers give large amounts of information over the telephone you will be able to go back to the detail at a later date and ensure its accuracy. The software also allows the call handler to pause the recording should any sensitive information be required, such as card details.

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Chrome Telecom is one of the UK's fastest growing telecommunication specialists. We can provide Business Phone Systems, Wholesale Calls and Lines, Fibre Broadband, Call Recording and Call Management Solutions. The best part? We provide all of this with no capital outlay plus calls, lines and broadband supplied at wholesale prices.

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