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Call Reporting

In some industries it is necessary for employees to spend a large part of their working day on the telephone – making sales, enquiries, connections. It is important that you are able to understand how that time is being spent, how long your customers are waiting for a response, who is answering or making the most calls. The call reporting feature in our systems allows you to do just that without having to stand over your staff. You will be able to specify what information you need to know over what time period and then analyse that information against previous data.

The reporting feature also means you can keep track of your usage and how that translates into costs. Any business needs to monitor their bottom line. Stationary, wages, even rent are physical, obvious expenses that are ever present. Telecommunications occur in the background - an everyday part of office life that just happens. Ensure you are getting the most effective use from your systems with this feature.

  • Missed Calls Analysis: Never wonder what might have been again – if a call is missed you will be able to track the number and contact them, allowing you to be pro-active in capitalising on every potential lead.
  • Response Analysis: Know which department is busiest, who is answering the most or least calls and how long they are dealing with each customer.
  • Traffic Analysis: You can see complete reports on call traffic, enabling you to understand your peak times and manage your staff availability.
  • Marketing Analysis: This feature will allow you to understand how your advertising is working for you, taking into account the source of the calls and knowing the response rate and lead time from advert to enquiry.

About Chrome

Chrome Telecom is one of the UK's fastest growing telecommunication specialists. We can provide Business Phone Systems, Wholesale Calls and Lines, Fibre Broadband, Call Recording and Call Management Solutions. The best part? We provide all of this with no capital outlay plus calls, lines and broadband supplied at wholesale prices.

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