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Computer Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration – or CTI for ease – is a system that enables you to connect your computer systems with your telephony network. This in turn creates a solution that can truly enhance the way you interact with customers, business partners and staff.

CTI software allows records to automatically be found and opened when a call is received from a known number - even before the call is connected. This lets the call recipient be prepared without having to search for details in turn saving time and creating the brilliant, professional impression all companies are aiming for. Although this only works where records are already held it still provides an invaluable means of increasing service standards and productivity.

It will mean that your staff are equipped to deal with the call in a more personal manner, offer extra efficiency in the enquiry handling and also identify possible cross-selling opportunities that could result in additional revenue for your business.

  • Extension Status: The extension list within this software will show you whose line is engaged, unavailable and free with you having to leave your desk. Plus, you will never have to remember a line number again. All the phones on the network can be contacted with a single press of a button
  • Address Book: All your contacts will be saved to the address book. Search by name or company and you can call straight from the computer. No more searching for paper files or dragging up records. It is all there ready for you to use.
  • Call History: Similar to call reporting, this feature allows you to access information about a clients history as soon as they call but you can also look at all other historic calls, being able to see when they happened and when you missed an opportunity.
  • Text Messaging: If a member of staff is on a call, you can send them information via text. It could be information they need to know immediately. It could be details of another call they need to take. You can also send them a call back note so they get their missed calls straight away.
  • Absence Alerts: With Computer Telephone Integration you can automatically find out who is in and out of the office.

At Chrome Telecom, we are able to provide CTI software as part of your bespoke telecommunications package. We can make your system work for you. Get in touch to find out more.

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