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Keep Staff Online Whilst Off Site

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Integrate with your CRM for a seamless experience

Chrome’s Unified Communications platform integrates natively with most CRM tools on the market. This unlocks powerful features like screen-popping; any time a call comes in, your CRM will automatically open any records it has for the relevant account. This allows your staff to see immediately who they are talking to, which property is being referred to, who from your company spoke to the caller last, and the outcomes of all previous contact.

Voicemail-to-email and call recording features extend this functionality even further. If a call is received out of hours, any message they leave will be emailed directly to the relevant mailbox so that calls can be returned in the morning. Call recording integration ensures that your staff will have easy access to previous calls from any vendors, tenants or landlords, eliminating disputes and helping your staff address customer enquiries sooner.

Let our experts help you find the right solutions for your Estate Agent business.

Increased availability with reduced bills

As an Estate Agent, a huge amount of your business is conducted over the phone. Chrome’s Unified Communications systems make use of VoIP to realise significant cost savings. Since your staff are out and about a lot of the time, it’s crucial to minimise the cost of calls made from mobiles. Using the UC app on your mobile, you can make and receive calls as if you were sat at your desk – all while taking advantage of the inherent cost savings of VoIP.

It’s a no-brainer; make yourself easier to contact at the same time as spending less on your calls every month.

Consistent on-hold marketing across sites

Marketing is hugely important for estate agents. Since many people’s first contact with an estate agent is over the phone, it’s crucial that your on-hold messaging and greetings match the professional nature of your business. Chrome’s scripting and recording services for on-hold marketing are perfect for this. Once you agree on scripts to use, the messages are recorded professionally and set to royalty-free hold music.

Bring your agency’s messaging up to date and set yourselves apart from local competitors, helping to attract more business.

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