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Is productivity a problem?

Inefficiency costs money. If you’re not getting the most out of every minute, it’s easy to fall behind the competition. We can help stop that happening. Our Cloud platform can integrate with your CRM, which allows your team to use any device as a desk phone through our app.

This enables click-to-call functionality from your desktop, as well as integrating your customer database with your phone system. That way, every inbound call displays who’s calling and any notes you have on them, so you can handle queries with confidence and speed. These time-saving automations can help make sure every second counts.

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Too many calls waiting?

Customer experience is everything in business. If you can’t get to callers in time, it’s impossible to keep them happy. Our call analytics suite enables you to identify trends and make informed decisions about how to allocate resources.

Automatically receive customisable reports on 100+ metrics. You can even have a wallboard showing performance in real time. This can help keep your team motivated, and gives you the insight you need to manage call queues and keep customers happy.

Struggling to maintain call standards?

Every call matters, and every callers deserves the same high standards. Without the right measures in place, it’s easy for standards to slip. With call recording from Chrome, you can make sure you’re always at your best. Accessible on any device, the user-friendly interface allows you to find calls with ease.

From there, you can use calls for sampling and quality assurance. It’s also a fantastic tool for training, by sharing great calls as examples of best practice to your team. And if you do receive a complaint, recording calls ensures you can handle it with accuracy and transparency.


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