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How to put a stop to missed calls

Communication with your customers is everything to your business. You may have a brilliant product or service, but if you cannot effectively communicate with your customers how can you expect them to believe in your business?

We understand that you’ll want to focus your time on your company and serving your customers, and that business communication may seem time consuming or overwhelming. At Chrome, we wish to simplify business communication with tailored solutions to help you form better connections with your customers.

An area of business communication which is likely affecting your business and customer relationships more than you know, is missed calls.

The impact that missed calls have on your business is a lot more significant than you might think. Just consider if that missed call was from a perspective new customer, if they’ve been unable to reach you, they might find another company who answers their call immediately. This missed call is a missed business opportunity, and if you’re missing a few calls a day then the potential earnings that you’ve missed out on will be adding up.

Missed calls do not just effect your sales opportunities with new customers, but they also impact your relationships with existing customers. No customer will be impressed by a company that they can’t reach, and you don’t want them to start looking elsewhere.

At Chrome, we’re here to help our customers overcome these issues so that they can give their callers the best possible experience. We’ve put together three ways that we can help you to put a stop to missed calls:

Missed call facility

A great business phone system won’t just enable you to make high quality phone calls but will have a variety of features designed to improve your customer interactions.

Having a missed call facility on your business phone system will alert you to calls that your team have missed. You’ll know the times that the calls were missed and the number of the caller so that you can call them back straight away.

This is the first step putting a stop to missed calls as you’ll clearly be able to see the volume of calls that you’re missing throughout the day. This will alert you to the sales opportunities that you have missed, as well as opportunities to strengthen relationships with your existing customers.  

Analytics to review your business operations

At Chrome, we strongly believe in the power of data and analytics to improve business operations. With the data presented in analytics software you’ll be able to see where you need to make changes to your operations to ensure that you’re always ready for your customers, in turn improving your customer interactions.

Whilst your missed call facility will alert you to customers who didn’t get through, analytics will share helpful information such as when you receive the most customer contact. This gives you a much clearer idea of your busy times, allowing you to manage staff levels to meet demand.

Adding to your system/more phones

Another way of ensuring that you’re not missing calls is by adding to your phone system. With a cloud-based system from Chrome, your system can easily be added to as your business grows.

The scalability of cloud-based phone systems benefits all types of businesses. Whether you’re a hotel needing more than one phone for customers to contact you on, or an office handling many calls per day and steadily growing your team, every business type should consider the number of phones that they really need.

How Chrome can help

We hope that you’ve found this guide to missed calls helpful, and that it has shown you the importance of ensuring that you’re ready and available for your customers. If you’re finding that you’re regularly missing customer calls, we’d strongly recommend getting in touch with us today. We can help you to get the most from your business communication system, as well as recommending upgrades based on your business needs.

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