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20 differences between leased lines and broadband

20 differences between Leased Lines and Broadband

As provider of both business broadband and leased lines, our customers often ask us what’s the difference between the two. While both these services offer reliable and ultra-fast internet connectivity, they have some key differences … Read more

Professional woman working using business broadband

Why should I upgrade my business broadband?

Having reliable and fast internet access is crucial if you’re running a business. Slow or unreliable broadband can lead to lost productivity, frustrated employees, and as a result, unhappy customers. Upgrading your business broadband can … Read more

Call analytics blog

Call Analytics: the vital statistics

All businesses should be looking to improve the way they work – whether that’s in service, efficiency or any other area. It’s how businesses gain an edge on competitors, grow, and thrive.  But you can’t … Read more

Remote working staff blog

Staying connected to your remote staff

In recent times, many contact centres have moved to flexible working schemes, especially since the pandemic. To make these arrangements possible, businesses need to be supported by the right technology. We have compiled a checklist … Read more

businesses on the move blog

How we support businesses on the move

We’ve just finished relocating our office. This is exciting – but of course, it had its challenges. The goal was to ensure a seamless move, without interruptions in service. This meant hitting the ground running, … Read more

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