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Remote working blog

5 ways to save your remote workers

The way we work has changed so much. A decade ago, remote working was a minority concern. It existed, but few workers expected the option, and many businesses didn’t provide it. Then, the pandemic happened. … Read more

protection blog

Five tools to protect your business

When we think about protecting a workplace, it’s usually preventing injury that comes to mind. With workplace health and safety training often focused on preventing accidents, it’s easy to forget that there are other ways … Read more

Kyle team story

Chrome Team Stories: Kyle Herbert

Building a strong, hardworking team is everything to us. We see that our team are focused, dedicated and ambitious when it comes to ’Chrome’s goals and in their own. If you keep up with our … Read more

CCTV School blog

Do you need CCTV in Schools?

 CCTV in schools can be a contentious subject. On the one hand are the security benefits it brings. On the other, there are questions over privacy. At Chrome, we believe the upsides are simply too … Read more

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