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Life’s a beach: Remote working in the sunshine

Last year Chrome decided to leave the office for a day, and take work to the beach. The shift towards remote and flexible working has changed our approach to collaboration, communication and work-life balance. So, what better way to trial and research the subject than to put our own services to the test on the beach?

Aside from having a wonderful day out, our whole team discovered that flexible working can be made easy with just the right tools. We wanted to share with you the parts of our service that made our day productive and seamless, as it could for any remote worker.

Finding your connection

We’re sat on the beach, pretty far from the office. What we’re first going to need is to find a good connectivity solution. Imagine being able to work on your laptop from anywhere in the country and the possibilities that entails. Previously workers have been all too familiar with the concepts of daily commuting, rushing to meetings and battling with poor wi-fi connections.

You can now be at the end of your laptop at any time using technology that we provide. If you are working alone in a remote area, we can provide 4G dongles that plug straight into your USB port, bringing you online to collaborate and make video calls. If you are working as a group, our Chrome ‘Mi-Fi’ device is ideal for a small team to connect to your network together.

Now your laptop is online, you’ll have the platform to do all the work you would be able to do from home or the office.

Business mobiles with enhanced availability

So now you’re sat in a deck chair with a laptop that’s ready to go, what else might you need? A good work phone, right? A good business mobile should make it easy for you to reach your contacts. Better yet, a great business mobile for remote workers should ease your workflow too.

Smartphones with all of the integrations and apps that you need to keep your contacts and emails in one place, are a great way to go. If you’re worried that managing a business mobile package for the whole team might be too much, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. When you start your mobile contract with Chrome, you’ll be assigned your own account manager. This means You can rest assured that your remote workers have the minutes, data and handsets they need.

There are a vast range of models and contracts out there and if we are honest, a lot of telecoms companies will try to sell you the most expensive ones. At Chrome, we want to give you a provider that is perfect for your workflow, whilst keeping costs down.

Integration, analytics and cloud-collaboration

So we’ve got the connections and integrations to be able to work remotely sorted. But how do we people’s work together? When your team is spread out across the country or just not at the office as often, it can become harder to collectively assess people’s work. Without having everyone under one roof, the communication becomes different for compiling projects, data and analytics.

We can offer full integration with cloud-based work sharing software, to allow you collaborate with your team-members efficiently. This can drop straight into your workflow with Microsoft office, Teams and Adobe software if necessary. Sharing work has never been easier with cloud-collaboration.

We even offer analytics that will bring all of your work under one roof. For example, if your sector is heavily reliant of telephone marketing, we can make it so that all of your calls are easily tracked and analysed. Managing high call volumes is our speciality.

We can also integrate your CRM platform with your software, so that you can stay in touch with clients and customers without needing to go through a long process to find their details.

Staying in the zone

Every remote working environment is different. When we were working on the beach we had no idea how busy it would be! Which is why we made sure to bring along our noise-cancelling headsets with us. These connect reliably to any device, and tune out all distractions. Thankfully in our case it was just a few seagulls and the tech team enjoying themselves!

Why choose Chrome Telecoms for remote working?

It might not be as bold as going to the beach every week! But if you are planning to take your team outside the realm of the office, we’ve got you covered.

Chrome have been supplying sectors such as healthcare, doctors, call centres, care homes, industrial buildings and many more for nearly 10 years. We work with large telephone specialists including Ericsson-LG to deliver their outstanding products to the market. When it comes to telecommunication, we want what is best for you.

We can find the perfect remote-working solution for you and your team. If you want to find out more about the services we offer, head to our contact page or call us on 0333 212 707.

Stay tuned to our social media to see more about how we help teams to work from anywhere.

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