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Your guide to business communication for care homes

Communication is fundamental when it comes to care homes. You need quick, efficient communication between colleagues at all times, while your front desk needs to be able to handle a range of queries with speed and confidence.  

At Chrome, we recognise this and offer solutions to the challenges that care and nursing homes face. We’ve helped many care homes over the years, and we’d confidently call ourselves in experts in providing solutions to the challenges they face.

This blog will go through the essentials of communication systems for care homes. We’ll be recommending our favourite features and sharing the benefits of a great system.

A cloud-based business phone system

 A quality phone system will improve your service by allowing you to communicate with maximum efficiency. A cloud-based system will do all this and more while being cost-effective and much more flexible.

Instead of being tied to hardware, your whole system is hosted in the cloud – you just log in on any device and the entire system is at your fingertips. This is also incredibly helpful if you have plans to expand to more sites. Instead of getting a whole new system, you can simply add new licences for staff at the new site.

A cloud-based phone system will also feature analytics tools offering insights into call metrics. These will help you make informed decisions about how you allocate resources, making sure your phones are not over- or under-staffed.

One of the best features of a cloud-based system is that it supports remote work. This is primarily because your handsets will require only a plug socket and an internet connection to operate. Your staff working remotely can use their desk phones from home, or from anywhere in the world. Some of our customers are care homeowners who spend part of the year abroad, and can take their desk phones with them whilst they’re away.

Cloud-based systems offer a range of user-friendly features designed to help your business grow and operate smoothly. Don’t miss out by choosing not to take advantage of these advancements.

Future proof your communications

Another important aspect to consider when introducing a new communication system is how future proof it is. By 2025, traditional phone lines are going to be discontinued in the ISDN switch-off. If you’re reading this for the first time, don’t be alarmed! You can read all about it in our guide to the ISDN switch off.

With the way that calls are made being changed due to technology advances, why not invest in a modern system? Now is the perfect time to upgrade your existing phone system to a cloud-based solution, as you’ll be acting before high demand leads to higher prices. You’ll also have time to test the exclusive features available for cloud-based communication systems, so you can find out what works best for your business.

Choosing the right handsets

There are a variety of different handsets available for you to choose from. Each handset will come with unique features and benefits for your care home.

We’ll recommend the right handsets for you once we get to know you and your business needs. Here are a few of our favourite types of handsets, and how we’d recommend you use them at your care home.

Go cordless: DECT cordless handsets are a great option to offer to your staff who are often moving around your premises. These can be strategically placed so that your team can quickly access a phone if they need to make an urgent call.

Concerned about your signal? These phones are Wi-Fi enabled but we can provide base stations and receivers to prevent loss of signal in certain areas of your care home.

Boost your efficiency with VoIP desk phones: we have a variety of VoIP handsets available for you to choose from at a range of price points. A desk phone with the features of a cloud-based system is perfect for your reception staff, or those working in admin based roles.

Excite your team with touch screen handsets: our favourite business phones are the Android powered handsets. These hybrid devices combine the functionality of a desk phone with a tablet. They are great to have as part of your solution and enable you to enjoy your favourite apps from your desk phone. With a built-in camera, you can even use them for your video calls!

Many job roles can benefit from these handsets, but we’d recommend them for use in an office or reception area. We’d especially suggest these for management roles who may be making video conference calls with industry partners.

Integrations to strengthen customer relationships

By integrating your phone system with your CRM, you can provide a more personal and efficient service.

When a customer calls in, your CRM will pop up on your computer and open the right customer account. This will help you to make security checks quickly, which is important to maintain confidentiality. You’ll also give a better customer experience as you can give your caller your full attention without having to hurriedly find their account or put them on hold.

At Chrome, we understand that each industry will have their own ways of connecting with their customers. With this in mind, we can also integrate your care home specific software with your phone system. Improved efficiency and stronger customer relationships are just two the benefits of our integration capabilities.

Get the best out of your solution with strong connectivity

A great business communication system can’t operate on its own. To get the best out of your system you’ll need a stable internet connection. We provide connectivity solutions, which include fibre broadband, and can recommend the right package for your business.

Many care homes are on large premises, and some even have multiple buildings. When designing your package this will be considered, and we can recommend products designed to boost your connectivity.

Keep an eye on your premises from anywhere

It goes without saying that you’ll want to keep your care home safe. But have you considered a CCTV solution that you can access from anywhere?

As well as communications products, we provide and install business CCTV systems. Our systems are cloud-based and pair with a mobile app. This means that you can access your camera footage whilst away from your premises. This will give you peace of mind that everything is running smoothly whilst you’re away.

If you decide to have your CCTV system provided by Chrome, it’ll be on the same bill as your other services such as your phone system. By having all of your business communication and security costs on one monthly bill, you’ll save time on admin giving you more time to focus on your business.

We hope you’ve found our guide to business communication for care homes helpful. To find out more about how our products and services can benefit your care home, reach out to us today. We can arrange a site visit or remote appointment to get to know you and your business.

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