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Do you need CCTV in Schools?

 CCTV in schools can be a contentious subject. On the one hand are the security benefits it brings. On the other, there are questions over privacy. At Chrome, we believe the upsides are simply too great to ignore. And while security concerns are understandable, it’s possible to strike a balance that keeps students and staff safe without compromising privacy.

We’ve provided many schools with CCTV and seen the benefits first-hand. It’s an effective deterrent against crime and bad behaviour. And if you do have any accidents or reportable incidents at your school, your CCTV will give a clear record of what happened.

We’ve written this blog to highlight some of the core benefits in detail. Ultimately, there’s nothing more important than the safety of students and staff. CCTV can help with this, and more.

Visual deterrent

Security systems can deter intruders from breaking into your premises. With a high-quality, modern CCTV system you’ll also be communicating to staff, parents, and students that you take security seriously. Additionally, CCTV cameras at any type of business can deter employees from breaking company rules. You may find that this is also true for misbehaving students!

Remote monitoring

A cloud-based security system from Chrome will enable you to remotely monitor the school from anywhere. Even though school employees may not be working from home, you can still benefit from remote features.

A key example of this is being able to respond to emergencies. If you can check your cameras from any device, security staff will be able to react to emergencies quickly. This can make the process more convenient, whilst also allowing you to save on equipment costs.

Remote monitoring can also be a great aid for your onsite security guards. Your staff can keep an eye on multiple locations within your premises at once, so that nothing is missed. This is especially helpful for schools with a site made up of multiple buildings.

Record footage

With modern CCTV cameras you can configure your system to record footage remotely. Recording activity on your premises is key to keeping your school safe. Having footage of any incidents can really help to resolve any issues. When you are handling incidents with parents, or even the police, recorded footage will be incredibly important.

It’s also important to note that not every school will have an overnight security team. Recording your CCTV footage will ensure that you’re looking out for your school when it’s vacant.

Contracts and budgets

Budgets are crucial to schools. At Chrome, we can design a security solution which meets your budgetwithout compromising on the features that’ll keep your school safe.

If you’re a customer of ours for other services, you’ll have everything on one monthly bill with no surprise costs.

We also understand that many schools are part of groups and federations responsible for multiple schools. At Chrome, we can work with federations to equip multiple sites with our products and services. This is a cost-effective approach, which will be smoother to maintain than having multiple providers.

Future proofing

Security systems have had impressive advances, yet some businesses still spend more money on poor-quality, dated systems.

Gone are the days of having mediocre CCTV footage. Modern cameras render high quality images no matter the lighting conditions. You can also have thermal imaging and night vision features. Thermal imaging cameras will contribute to a safer school by providing screening against infections. This is because these cameras read the skin surface temperature of those who pass by. Night vision is another brilliant feature for your school. You can use night vision to capture overnight footage with any abnormal activity showing up despite the darkness.

Another way of future proofing your school security system is by choosing a cloud-based system. Then you’ll be able access the footage remotely through a mobile app. This is a great advancement from dated systems with poor quality footage that can only be viewed on site. Cloud-based CCTV systems are also a future proof option in terms of scalability. When you wish to expand your system, cameras can easily be added to a cloud-based system.

These features will give you the priceless benefit of peace of mind. Keep your students, staff, and premises safe by investing in a high-performing, modern CCTV system.

Overall, we know that CCTV systems are needed in schools. To find out more about the systems and features that we would recommend for your school or education-based business, then reach out today.

With a security solution from Chrome, you’ll be using modern technology and the software designed to keep your school safe. Our Hikvision cameras are high-quality, user friendly and efficiently optimised, so that you can get the best from your system.

For more of our business communication recommendations for schools be sure to explore our website! We’ve recently answered all your questions on VoIP phone systems, the best option for a modern business phone system.

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