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How we support businesses on the move

We’ve just finished relocating our office. This is exciting – but of course, it had its challenges. The goal was to ensure a seamless move, without interruptions in service. This meant hitting the ground running, with everything from internet connectivity to communications. 

As communication technology experts, we at Chrome have helped countless businesses get themselves connected after a move. With that in mind, we thought we’d share some tips. These are six technologies you’ll want to consider before the removal vans show up!

Internet connectivity

Practically every business relies on the internet. We all know this, but it’s worth considering just how many parts of your business need it. It could be anything from admin, project management, file storage, collaboration, communication, point of sale …

Any big disruptions will slow down business, only adding to the costs and inconvenience of moving. Being connected from day one is a must, but that requires some prep. There are so many options for internet connectivity, offering different bandwidths, speeds and price points. How do you begin to decide?

At Chrome, we can make it easy. We know the business broadband market inside out. We can look at your business and offer informed advice on what kind of connectivity you need, from leased lines to FTTP. And we’ll do all the installations, making sure you’re connected when you need to be.

Wi-Fi access points

Connecting your business is stage one. But you also need to make sure you’ve got a reliable connection throughout your new location. It’s quite common to have dark spots in certain areas of a site, where there’s no signal. This is often a problem in schools and other larger sites.

This is where our high-performance Wi-Fi access points come in. It’s not a problem if you don’t know exactly where your dark spots are, because we can come and check the signal quality around the site before installing. With new devices installed, you can be sure that you can stay connected throughout your site!


Communication is everything in business. Everything else we do depends on how we stay in touch with customers and colleagues. This requires technology to support it – and the right phone system makes all the difference to both internal and customer-facing communication. 

The right phone system should complement your business. It should help speed up your work and help you collaborate from anywhere. Moving is an opportunity to think about whether your existing system is still suitable. Can you migrate it? Are you better off with on-premise or cloud? Do you need new lines installed?

At Chrome, we can make this easy. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to advise on the right phone system for your needs and budget. And our expert engineers are able to complete installation seamlessly, so that your customers can reach you when they need.

Unified communications

Another consideration when you’re moving office is remote working. Does the move make anyone’s commute more inconvenient? Do you have a remote working policy in place already? There are lots of benefits to it, but you need the tools to support it.

Phone systems have really evolved in recent years. And where previously they just did calls, they can now support instant messaging, video conferencing and email integration as well. The name for this is Unified Communications (UC).

Our UC solution is cloud-hosted and available as a smartphone or desktop app – which means your team can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. It’s great for remote workers, because they have full access to your phone system and collaboration tools wherever they work!

Business mobiles

Moving offices is a great time to think even more broadly about how your business communicates. This very much follows our last point about UC and remote working. If you are supporting remote work, or you have anyone working on the move, business mobiles are a great option.

But the choice is pretty overwhelming. With so many tariffs and handsets, how do you decide? On top of that, there’s the everyday management of them. Monitoring usage, looking out for better deals, security, replacing lost handsets … That’s a lot to keep on top of when you’ve also got a business to run!   

We can spare you those hours searching through and comparing different deals. We’ll consult with you on your needs and budget, and make sure you’ve got the right tariff and handsets. And on top of that, your Chrome account manager will keep an eye on your usage and provide ongoing advice.  

Security and CCTV

When you move offices, the business is at its most vulnerable. You’ll most likely have lots of expensive equipment boxed up and unmonitored. This gives thieves the opportunity to strike, and it may take you some time to realise something’s missing.

CCTV is really a must. First, it’s a deterrent that makes crime less likely. Second, if your business is a victim of crime, you can detect the assailants. This means you’re more likely to be able to identify them, and more likely to get stolen goods back!

CCTV systems have come a long way, and ours are incredibly easy to use. For a start, they’re hosted on the cloud. This allows you to check both live and recorded footage online from anywhere, giving both peace of mind and convenience. And we offer a huge range of cameras to withstand even the most rugged working environments.

How Chrome can help

If you’re thinking of moving your business’s location and want more information on the topics covered in this post, then please feel free to get in touch!

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