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How a great business communication system can strengthen your customer relationships.

Valentine’s day 2022 is approaching, and although you may be focused on finding the perfect gift for your partner, it’s also a great time to consider your business relationships.

Strengthening customer relationships should be one of your business goals this year, and every year. If you don’t have the time to invest in your customer relationships, or if it’s not a priority, then how you can expect your customers to choose you first?

Think back to your own customer experiences that you’ve had with other businesses. We’re certain that the bad interactions will come to mind just as much as the amazing ones. Customers remember bad experiences that they’ve had, and they share those experiences with their friends and other businesses, perhaps even online. So why wouldn’t you do what you can to ensure that your customer interactions stand out?

As a telecommunications company, we understand that communication is everything. From the way that you speak to your customers, to how quickly they can reach you in an emergency – trust us, it all matters.

To help you improve your relationships with your customers, we’ve written this blog to explain just how a great business communication system can strengthen your customer relationships.

Invest in a high-quality connection with no background noise

Being on a phone call with a poor connection and crackly line is off-putting. Your customers will be struggling to hear you and will not have a good impression of your business. Investing in a high-quality system will benefit you with a clear connection, enabling you to effectively communicate and converse with your customers.

To take this to the next level, we also recommend noise-cancelling headsets especially if you are operating in a noisy setting. Noise-cancelling headsets will also reduce the amount of background noise that you and your customers can hear, creating a better experience for both parties.

Don’t miss out on opportunities by missing customer calls

Even one missed call can make a difference in your earnings – if it’s a potential customer that has tried to contact you, they might now spend their money elsewhere. Now consider the potential if you’re missing multiple calls every day.

A missed call facility will show you that you’ve missed a call, the time that it was missed and the number that called so that you can get back to them straight away. It’s important that if a call is missed you contact them as soon as you can, to save this opportunity to make a sale and create a new customer relationship.

It’s equally important to get back to your existing customers, as if they find that they regularly cannot get through to you then they may start looking to your competitors.

As well as a missed call facility, if you’re finding that you are missing calls due to the line being occupied then you should consider adding another phone to your system. This will enable more than one customer to reach you at a time and make it even less likely that you’ll miss out on opportunities due to missing a call.

Enhance your service with call recording

Call recording is one of our favourite features of the Chrome Telecom Business Phone System. You might be wondering why you need it when you can just note details down. Well, details can be misheard, or you could simply forget to make a note. These simple human errors can lead to confusion and complaints, which aren’t easy to resolve if you don’t have records of what was said.

With call recording from Chrome, you can easily listen back to every customer call. You can search calls by agent, time or customer, and just click and listen from any device. This makes complaint resolution more straightforward and transparent. You can establish exactly what was said and when, and resolve any incidents with confidence.  

Call recordings are also valuable for staff training and quality assurance. Sampling your team’s calls will show you where there is room for improvement, and help you keep standards up. Particularly great calls can be used as good examples for training new recruits, or just shared with the rest of the team so that they can be inspired by the efforts of their colleagues.

Use call analytics to improve your operations and business strategy

With call analytics you can gain valuable insight into your customers and how they communicate with your business.

By understanding when it is that you receive the most calls, you can effectively plan when to have more staff on hand, and how to stagger breaks. This knowledge will enable you to make sure you’re always on hand when your customers need you.

This will in turn strengthen the relationships that you have with your customers.  With the confidence that they can reach you when needed, they’ll be happier with your service and more invested in your brand.

Creating strong customer relationships is crucial to a successful business. These relationships are not grown overnight – they require investment, effort, and time. By investing in a great business communication system, you’ll be showing your customers how important they are to you and improving your interactions.

We hope that you’ve found these tips useful, and that you’ll use them to strengthen your customer relationships. If you’re interested in finding out more about our business communication solutions and how they can take your business to the next level, then get in touch today. 

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