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3 Ways to tailor Unified Communications systems to your business.

The best communications solution for your business is one that fits you like a glove. There are many systems and apps out there that are fantastic at what they do, but only fulfil one purpose. This can leave you with a huge set of apparently revolutionary but totally independent tools. The result is often underwhelming, and doesn’t do much to help your staff work well together.

In this article we’ll explore how Unified Communications can turn this on its head. UC consolidates your communication tools into one simple service, placing emphasis on both improving your business efficiency and promoting remote collaboration.

Integrate UC with your CRM to enhance workflows.

Your CRM already consolidates customer records into one portal. For most users, however, stock CRM systems stop some way short of transforming their workflows. Integrating your Unified Communications system with your CRM takes your sales processes to the next level.

All customer records in one place. Preferred contact numbers. Click to dial. Screen-popping. Recording integration. All of these, and many more besides, work to manage your sales pipeline for you. This ensures nothing gets missed, no leads or customers fall through the cracks, and tasks get completed faster and more effectively.

Our UC systems integrate deeply with a vast array of CRMs. With a full database integration, all customer call records on your UC system can be seen within your CRM. This makes tracking customer contacts simple, and helps your staff refer back to previous calls in just a few clicks. More than anything else, this can revolutionise your in-call processes and solidify your team’s reputation for professional efficiency and accountability.

Call control features that keep your staff connected.

Advanced IVRs, queues and call groups work together to get callers to the right people in record time. A well organised and configured phone system can do more than almost anything else to improve customer satisfaction and the performance of your customer services teams.

UC automatically routes all calls to your staff, wherever they are and whatever device they use. Your staff can be up and running on their mobiles, home PCs, tablets or laptops within a minute. All they need is an app, a username and a password. UC does the rest. The intuitive user management portal allows each user to set their primary device, working hours and call control rules. All you need to do each morning is log in and your calls will route to you as if you were in the office.

As you’d expect from such an advanced system, there’s practically no limit to the customisation options of UC. Record and upload your own ICR recordings, queue messages and on-hold marketing to complete your brand’s image. UC gives your business the ability to build a finely honed and totally unified presence, helping to set yourself apart from your competitors and inspire confidence among your customers.

Custom queue and IVR configurations are no longer reserved for huge corporations. Not so long ago, implementing certain features like voice recognition or customer PINs on your system could cost thousands. The latest UC systems, like ours, integrate natively with a huge range of additional services. This lets you insert custom scripts and applications into your call flow, helping you tailor your system to your own unique requirements. There are dozens of third-party applications that integrate natively with our systems, and with full RESTful API support your teams can develop their own custom tools.

Enhance your internal communications to provide a better service.

It’s not all about your customer communications with UC.

Internal communication tools in traditional phone systems often felt like an afterthought. Sure, you could call your colleagues’ extensions, but that was about it. People gave little or no consideration to other means of communication.

Unified Communications turns this on its head. With every one of your internal and external communication tools included in one app, UC makes sure your staff can keep in touch with each other just as easily as with your customers. We don’t need to tell you how useful that can be, particularly recently.

While you probably already have several tools for internal communications, the chances are that these aren’t linked together in any meaningful way. Sharing files or your screen with someone you’re having a chat with through instant messaging is often cumbersome and time consuming. Keeping all your tools under one “roof” improves the usefulness of each of them. UC gives you a holistic suite of tools that keeps your staff collaborating in every situation.

If it’s not clear by now, we think that UC is the bedrock of successful remote work. Even when used by itself, UC promotes seamless communication and collaboration between your staff and customers alike. When combined with your other tools and tailored to your exact needs, however, it is revolutionary.

Unified Communications systems like ours can make collaborating with remote teams as seamless and easy as if you were in the same room. If you’re interested in finding out more about UC, check out our website.

Alternatively, for a free quote or some friendly advice, call the team on 03333 212 707.

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