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Gemma palmer blog 2

Chrome Team Stories: Gemma Palmer

At Chrome, we’re growing a strong, passionate team of talented individuals. Our team are valued and regularly rewarded for their hard work. We’re a family and have genuine care for each other’s well being and … Read more

Small business phone system

The benefits of a small business phone system

Running a business is full of ‘extras’ beyond your core service. From accounting to cleaning, there’s always something to think about. If you’re not passionate about these areas, it’s possible for standards to slip. Without … Read more

remote management blog

How to manage your business from anywhere

Whether it’s working remotely, automating various parts of your operation, or adopting new ways to keep customers happy, we’re all getting to grips with new business processes. Implementing change within a business is a challenge … Read more

cloud continuity blog

How cloud communications create business continuity

Business continuity has gone from being a management buzzword that nobody quite understood, to something that nearly all teams are striving to achieve. Business continuity is the process of ensuring that even in challenging circumstances … Read more

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