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Increase your online SEO with Web Listings by Chrome Telecom.

Historically as a business owner, all you needed to do was register with YellowPages, today there are over 70+ online platforms, and it is more important than ever to be featured on these to ensure you don’t lose potential business. Do you have the time or patience to go through each online directory to ensure your details are correct?

Flexible Work blog

Is Flexible Working The Way Forward?

With flexible working on the rise in the UK, we want to take a look into what this means for both employer, employee and the overall economic state. Research tells us that over 83% of the UK’s workforce are currently employed on a remote working scheme or would like to be.

Social media blog

Is Your Social Media Voice Being Heard?

Marketing methods are changing at a rapid pace, which is challenging businesses to keep on top of trends and implement them into their strategy. For the companies that have effectively mastered email marketing they probably have an upper hand when it comes to advertising on new media platforms such as social media purely because they know what positioning works best for them.

ISDN blog

Are you ready for the PSTN and ISDN switch off?

So, PSTN, also known as Public Switched Telephone Network, is the traditional bog-standard telephone line that we’ve been using since the 1800’s. Remember that guy, Alexander Graham Bell? No? Me either. Well anyway, we’ve been using his style of work pretty much ever since.

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