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Is Flexible Working The Way Forward?

With flexible working on the rise in the UK, we want to take a look into what this means for both employer, employee and the overall economic state. Research tells us that over 83% of the UK’s workforce are currently employed on a remote working scheme or would like to be.

There are so many opinions on remote working and as more companies give their employees the freedom to work away from the office, we wanted to delve deeper into the reasons behind doing so.

Employee Benefits

As real people behind a business, we understand that with anything it’s never a ‘one size fits all’ situation. After hosting a pole, we saw that 75% of people said that they would much rather work at home when faced with a difficult project or task. This was because they felt that their distractions were limited, and they could invest all of their time into that one specific thing.

Researchers have pinpointed that remote working is more popular for job seekers in the age range of 18-34 years old. 94% went on to say that when looking for a new role, it must include flexible working capabilities.

Sade, one of our Marketing Executives, said:

“I love being in the office and surrounded by my team but, when I have a time consuming or tricky project, I really reap the benefits by working from home. It allows me to shut out distraction so I can completely focus on the task at hand and get it done. I’d say that’s when I’m at my most creative and productive.”

It’s not only Sade that believes this, a massive 83% said that when they work from home it has the same effect!

Employer Benefits

So, let’s put this in perspective to an employer…

Business mogul, Richard Branson, is known for his mass of successes and always putting his employees first. Most advice he puts out into the world of entrepreneurs is about looking after employees. When looking at the many Virgin articles, they are mainly about the direct correlation between being flexible with your staff and their happiness.

“Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” – Richard Branson

Richard is a firm believer in keeping his employees happy by allowing them to be as flexible as they need to be. Looking as his accomplishments, this may be proof enough however, there’s more.

Research shows that 61% of employers saw an increase in profits due to the boost in productivity and not having to pay for huge office spaces to accommodate so many people. Employees even said that the flexibility made them become more loyal to their workplace and pushed themselves to go the extra mile. The extra mile meaning most would put in an average of 6.5 hours overtime every single week! Not to mention, absence decreased by 61%.


When asked 68% of the unengaged workforce said that they would be inclined to start working if given the opportunity to work flexibly. Experts went on to say that this would boost the United Kingdom’s economy by £78.5 billion!

In the eyes of Chrome, we see the rise in flexible working as a positive impact on all elements of business. Not only will it keep employees happy and loyal, but it will also increase profits and boost the economy massively. It’s great to watch out for these trends as with newer generations entering the workforce, the best talent is more likely to search for a business that have a remote working scheme.

Looking for a job with freedom? Send your CV to joinus@chrometelecom.co.uk for more information on the roles we have available.

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