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Chrome Team Stories: Gemma Palmer

At Chrome, we’re growing a strong, passionate team of talented individuals. Our team are valued and regularly rewarded for their hard work. We’re a family and have genuine care for each other’s well being and success.

In our ‘Chrome Team Stories’ series, our Business Development Manager, Lloyd, has reflected on his career journey so far. We’ve also caught up with our Technical Manager, Matthew, to learn more about the integral part he plays at Chrome.

This week, our Billing Manager, Gemma Palmer, shares how she maintains a great work life balance. Gemma joined Chrome in September 2020 and handles our billing. She ensures that customers understand their bills, and that all charges are clear and correct. Outside of work, Gemma values quality time spent with her partner and three children.

What does your role at Chrome entail?

My role at Chrome involves handling and overseeing customer invoicing. This comes with customer service responsibilities, as I manage all billing related requests. I also support our Customer Service team by answering and assisting with general queries.

Collaboration is a Chrome value and I work closely with all departments to give our customers a consistently great experience. Over time I’ve been given more responsibility within my job role. I regularly catch up with our partners, building strong business relationships.

Why is a healthy work life balance important to you?

It’s important to me and my family that I can be present for my children and partner. With a healthy work life balance, I can have a career whilst being a mum of three. I don’t find that my mind is preoccupied with work whilst spending time with my family. Equally, by having time for my family outside of work I can spend my working hours completely focused on my responsibilities.

Flexible working is more popular than ever. How does it benefit you?

Flexible working means that household tasks don’t become overwhelming as time can be balanced between work and home. If one my children is ill, I’m able to work from home and then return to the office once they’ve gone back to school. Equally, over the school holidays I can work remotely meaning that I don’t need to worry about being let down by childcare.

How has Chrome supported you in maintaining a work life balance through flexible working?

Many members of the Chrome team have their own families, so everyone is understanding of parental responsibilities. The flexibility offered by Chrome allows me to do the school run, which I haven’t been able to do in previous jobs. Simple things like this make me feel part of my children’s lives, and I can ensure that they get to school and back safely, giving me one less thing to worry about!

Finally, why do you think businesses should offer flexible working?

The world has changed – with a higher cost of living there is more of a need for dual incomes. Childcare is also very expensive for parents not able to rely on family for support. With parents more likely to be working, it makes a need for flexible working much more common.

By offering flexible working it shows that you care about your employees’ wellbeing and happiness, both in and out of work. It’s likely that employees who are cared for will go the extra mile in their work.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about how we support our employees with flexible work. It’s important to us that our team have a great work life balance. This promotes a great working environment, resulting in a focused, enthusiastic team.

If you’d like to read further on how our business communication systems support remote working, then be sure to visit our previous blog posts.

We’re specialists in business communication systems that support remote working. Stories like Gemma’s show that we believe in what we do.

If you’d like to find out more about how you and your team can enjoy these benefits, be sure to get in touch.

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