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Remote working and how it can improve your mental health

Remote working has become an expected part of modern work, with many employees and businesses seeing clear benefits.

Many companies offering remote working would have originally introduced it to comply with COVID-19 restrictions. However, after seeing the upsides, a lot of businesses are still supporting it. Some companies have even ditched the office completely and are only offering remote working for their employees.

The benefits of remote working for businesses can include money saved on overheads and the opportunity to renovate your workspace. For employees, the benefits of remote working range from money saved on travel expenses, to extra time in bed from a shorter commute.

Another key benefit is the positive impact that it can have on your mental health. This blog will explain just how working away from the office can improve your mental health, as part of our remote working series.

Less time spent commuting

Working remotely may allow you to shorten or in some cases completely ditch your morning and evening commute. With less time spent travelling you can have more time for yourself to spend on what matters most. You could spend this extra time picking up a new skill, getting some rest or with your loved ones.

Spending more time together may help you build stronger relationships which will in turn improve your mental health. It’s important to make time for those important to you, and a shorter commute could help you achieve this.

Reduced stress

A shorter commute can also improve your mental health by reducing stress. This is because without the daily commute you won’t need to worry about being late to work due to traffic or delays.

Without the commute home, you will have more time for both household tasks and recreation. You may feel more in control of your day as you will not need to choose between going to the gym or doing the washing. This sense of control can help you to feel less stressed with your overall life.

Depending on your style of work, stress can be reduced by working from home rather than the office. You may find that you are able to concentrate on your work more without the distractions of the office.

The potential for a healthier lifestyle

Working from home can give you more time to dedicate to your personal health and fitness. Good physical health has been proven to contribute heavily to better mental health.

You may choose to make a home cooked meal for your lunch, rather than a pre-prepared meal. This is due to having more time to prepare your lunch, without having to travel to collect it. Apart from potentially saving money, this means you can eat healthier and tastier food.

Remote working might make you more likely to visit the gym or take part in an exercise class after work. Alternatively, you might choose to do a home workout. There are many brands, bloggers, and influencers with free or low-cost fitness resources designed for use at home.

Whilst we were working remotely some of our team even spent their lunchtimes participating in yoga classes via a video call! Even a short walk can make a difference, and a more flexible work pattern will make it easier to get away when you need.

A healthy lifestyle and regular exercise can positively impact your mental health and reduce stress.

A more personalised working environment

The environment that employees feel the most comfortable working in will depend on personal preference. However, as offices are designed with the whole workforce in mind, large companies will likely not be able to consider the preferences of each employee.

Some people might feel more motivated in a busy office full of collaboration and find remote working distracting. Others may find the office environment distracting, feeling more focused when working remotely.

Members of the team with more creative roles, such as marketers, have been found to enjoy working from coffee shops, using the office for meetings.

If you offer remote working, your employees will be able to work in whichever environment suits their job role and style of working, contributing to better mental health.

Remote working can have great benefits such as a positive impact on your mental health, but it is important to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

We would suggest making sure that you have clear boundaries to separate your work and home life. If possible, this should include not working in your bedroom and making sure that you are not overextending yourself.

We would also suggest that you regularly speak with colleagues and friends so that remote work does not become isolating. Staying connected is so important for your mental health and can prevent you from feeling isolated.

If you are considering introducing remote working but are unsure of how this will work with your business communication system, then get in touch with us today! We’d also suggest checking our previous blog posts, which detail our recommended services for remote working as well as tips on productivity.

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