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4 Ways you can use your Mobile for business in 2021

In 2020 we got used to a new way to work. Flexible working took the business world by storm and the need for businesses to be adaptable isn’t slowing down any time soon. The technology that we work with on a daily basis has had to adapt too. We’ve seen a huge rise in demand for software that can support teams no matter where they are. This applies to the devices we use as well, and people are moving beyond technology that can only support them when they’re sitting at their desk in the office.

Of course, the technology that can support people on the go more than any other is our mobile phone. Smartphones can accomplish just about any business task these days, but only if you have the software and best practices that help them work at their best. To help with this, we’ve put together a guide on how you can turn your mobile phone into a business powerhouse. The need for working with added flexibility is not going away any time soon, and we believe these tips can make a real difference.

  1. Handle calls more professionally

You might be thinking that there isn’t much more professionalism you can add to your call process; you pick up the call, speak to the customer, and hang up. But there are ways to make the process more efficient and customer friendly using your mobile.

When you are working with your mobile, are you using your mobile number? You don’t necessarily have to. With a Unified Communications system, you can route calls straight from your office phone to your mobile. This means that any time a customer calls the office number it will appear on your mobile, it’s a seamless process with no audio quality lost.

  1. Access Video Conferences

We’ve all had to use video conferencing far more than expected in the past year or so. Whether you’ve mastered the mute button or not, it’s an integral part of business now. You might not know that video conferences are as easy to host on your mobile as they are on your laptop or other device. In fact, they can be even more useful for staff who are on the go.

Whether you are in the field and need to get in touch with your team, or just remember an important bit of info whilst you’re on your daily walk. Video conferencing via mobile is great for operatives in the field. If your engineer or salesperson needs to quickly show you something important, you can get the best look quickly using video conferencing.

  1. Collaborate

Working with your staff on documents used to be a solely office located affair. With the latest cloud productivity systems on your side though, any team can collaborate at their best on the go. Services like Office 365 changed the game when it comes to collaborating remotely, as did video conferencing services that included tools like screen sharing. The next great move for businesses looking to improve collaboration is making these services mobile friendly.

With the right mobile and a great Unified Communications app, you can take all your collaborative services with you wherever you work. Office 365 and other cloud productivity services now all come with advanced mobile apps. These allow you to work on and share documents with your customers and colleagues on the go. This can be invaluable in urgent situations. Prepare a last-minute presentation on the go, or check your pricing at a glance. There is no end to the functionality here. Being able to share files on the go is a very valuable tool as well.

  1. Protect Your Data

As much as the new tools and services for mobiles will be the standout, some of the new security changes are also very much worth mentioning. Previously, there was always a sense of worry when equipping your team with business mobiles. If a device was lost or stolen, then a large amount of sensitive company information would be gone too. This sense of risk dissuaded a lot of teams. Thankfully, there are many solutions in place to protect business now.

One of the most notable is MDM software, or Mobile Device Management. This service allows you to protect your data if any device is unfortunately lost. No matter how far away you are from the device you can remotely wipe its data if need be. This goes a long to guaranteeing some much-needed peace of mind while allowing you to make the most of your mobiles. For an extra layer of safety, we recommend using two-factor-authentication services to protect any of your business’ apps.

We hope this blog has helped you to think about some of the services of business mobiles that can benefit your business. For more information on business mobiles, check out this page on our website. If you’d like to get in touch with us here at Chrome give us a call at 03333 212 707.

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