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How do you currently track your missed calls?

With our Call Reporting software, you’ll have access to customised reports that are produced in real time. Each report will highlight how you can improve your business and show how your employees are performing when it comes to call traffic.

iCall Suite with Chrome will help identify missed business opportunities and allows you to see if there are any areas of the business that take longer to answer calls. This will help you determine whether you need to put on extra staff during busier periods, or alternatively provide training to your existing employees. Here at Chrome, we have been using the software for several years and have found that is has significantly improved our employee’s productivity across the customer service and sales departments of the business.

Our call recording software measures against several different areas, we believe these two to be the most beneficial:

Missed Call Analysis

Missed Call Analysis allows you to view the phone number, time of day and the number the caller was dialing for every missed call. As you probably know, in this day and age individuals are less likely to leave a voicemail. With this feature you can then follow these callers up to see if you can be of assistance before they reach out to a competitor.

Call Handling Analysis

Call Handling Analysis allows you to see statistics on how your staff answer calls, how many are transferred and how long staff spend on each call. Looking at these statistics can help you assign more (or less staff) to an area of the business, address customer service issues and judge performance levels.

We know new technology can be daunting. You can rest easy knowing we will take care of the full installation for you. One of our friendly engineers will train you on your new telephone system and each software package you have chosen for your business.

Start making the most out of your business telephones! Phone a member of the team today to book in for your free demonstration or visit our website for further information.



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