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How Unified Communications can turn your mobile into a remote working powerhouse

Unified Communications has been endlessly useful throughout lockdown, but what about when you can return to the office? We believe that UC will remain a key component of your suite of business tools, being as important to your productivity as your CRM and Office 365.

For example, the biggest difference between the way your mobile sales staff work and the way we’ve all worked over lockdown is the devices we use. While the majority of us can work from a laptop or desktop at home, mobile workers and sales staff may not have this option. For them, portability and mobility are everything.

Intelligent presence.

UC automatically recognises when you’re signed in with your mobile, routing all communications directly to you. It’s entirely seamless, too; your colleagues can still reach you on your extension, and clients can still reach you through your direct dial.

Even better, because all your communications tools are integrated with each other, UC will route calls to voicemail if you’re in a meeting or video call with a customer.

It sounds simple, but the results really do save time and make remote working far more viable. A big drawback of mobile working always used to be the uncertainty of where your remote colleagues are, or if they’re available. UC’s built-in presence panel overcomes this by letting you know at a glance whether your colleagues are available. When integrated with your other business tools, UC can even tell you where your colleagues are and when their current meeting is expected to end. All without leaving the app.

Leave the laptop at home.

Being able to pack all the features and business tools they’d use on their laptop into their pocket is a phenomenal benefit to mobile workers. Thanks to the performance of modern mobile devices and the fantastic features of UC, today’s mobile workers only ever need one device.

Mobility no longer means compromising on functionality. The advanced UC app makes every feature of UC available on your mobile, letting your staff pick up their work and stay in touch no matter where they are.

Integrating UC with Office 365 and Teams creates unique synergy, particularly for remote workers. The calendar integration is perhaps the most important feature. The seamless workflow that this creates makes your mobile the perfect digital assistant, saving huge amounts of time and preventing any disturbance while you’re in a meeting.

Bring your team to your meeting.

There’s no need to leave sales staff out on the field alone. With UC in their pocket, they’ve got a direct line to the perfect people to help. Sales staff have a terrific knowledge of their products, but it’s always possible their clients have questions they can’t answer. With instant messaging, voice and even video calling on their mobiles, your sales staff can use the expertise of your whole team to ensure their clients are always fully informed.

It’s not just about asking questions in sales meetings, though. Why not take it a step further and get a technical demo of your product from a colleague in the office?  Connect an external monitor to your mobile in a meeting room and a technical expert can share their screen from the office.

It may just be the best way to impress clients with your company’s technical prowess and attention to detail.

Your office desk in your pocket.

Unified Communications provides a central collaboration hub for your business. If you’ve already got a UC system you will know how useful this has been over the last year. Used to its full potential, UC can make remote collaboration as effective as if you were all in the same room.

Putting that power in the palm of your hand with the UC mobile apps brings a further upgrade to the flexibility, agility and adaptability of your business. This makes UC perhaps the most important business continuity tool available to businesses today.

Protecting your business from technical and hardware failures is one of the key benefits of Cloud technology. Further insulating your business from any problems that affect your access to – or ability to work from – your office is a core feature of mobile technology.

Combining the two by integrating your office communications systems with your mobiles just makes good business sense.

UC has been indispensable to us throughout the last year. Being able to pick up our work and connect with our team mates from home took a huge amount of the sting out of going into lockdown.

We’d love to help your business make just as much use out of UC. Get in touch with the team today to arrange a Covid-safe meeting or a free video consultation. We’re more than happy to give you a demonstration of what UC can do!

Call the team on 03333 212 707. Alternatively, request a free quote for business mobiles or a Unified Communications system on our website.

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