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Introducing our Beach Day

This July, the office was just too hot! We decided that for one day only, to make the most of the great weather that we would spend a day working on the beach. We relocated the team and our office to the beach, as well as all our office communications and connectivity. For the most part the experience was a great success!

Over the next few weeks we will be demonstrating the services that helped to make our day at the beach successful. From the connectivity services that kept us online, to the communication services that allowed us to stay in touch with colleagues and customers.

Making the most of our cloud communications services allowed us to provide the same great customer service that we’ve always prided ourselves on, and we still found time to enjoy our surroundings.

We learned a huge amount by making such a dramatic shift in the way that we worked, if only for a day. Stay tuned to Chrome’s social media to see how we did it, what worked well and what we could have improved on. The lessons we learned will inspire the way we help other businesses with their remote working moving into the future. There were some really surprising moments, so it will all be worth a read!

We will be updating our blog with summaries of how we handled different elements of the beach day process and how they can improve the working lives of any business. Here’s what we’ll be covering over the next few weeks:


How we got online. When we arrived at the beach the first step was to make sure that our devices were connected. Thankfully, we had the tools on hand to make it simple.

Enabling a Work Life Balance:

The past year and a half showed that we need to enjoy life more alongside our work. We believe there can be a great balance between work and life and our beach day proved it.

Online Collaboration:

During our beach trip, it was vital that we could stay productive and work alongside the rest of our team just as effectively as we would be able to in the office. Thankfully the flexibility of iPECS ONE, and the audio quality provided by our communications hardware made it possible.

Cloud Systems:

When we moved our office to the beach, we knew that versatility would be vital. That’s why we turned to the cloud to support us. From tech support to finance, the cloud covered it all.

Reducing our stuff:

Many people are put off working remotely because they just can’t imagine taking all their office equipment with them on the go. That’s why we aimed to bring as little stuff as possible with us to the beach.

Handy Products & Features:

During our beach days we found ourselves relying on some different technology, services that we might not have made use of otherwise.

Reducing outlay:

Finally, one of the main takeaways from our beach day was just how simple it is to set up a truly professional business communication system. It doesn’t have to break the bank!

We’ll be using a new page on our website to summarise all of our beach day content:


Here we will be posting engaging video content from the day at the beach, that covers some of the key points that we had to consider. There will also be plenty of behind-the-scenes content as well as some funny moments.

If you would like to find out more about our remote working solutions, or any of our other services here at Chrome, you can contact us on 03333 212 707 or send us an email at hello@chrometelecom.co.uk

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