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The importance of business security when working from home

Working remotely is becoming a standard part of business life. Whether you are spending the whole working week away from the office or are going in intermittently, we’ve all spent time away, and this presents new opportunities for criminals. Now more than ever, businesses are being left unattended, but are full of expensive equipment and other valuables, presenting a tempting prospect for anyone looking to make some quick money. And with desperation high due to the pandemic, businesses are faced with a real risk.

Business CCTV Solutions

To face the unique challenges of remote security, businesses require a unique solution. Previously, the obvious solution would be intruder alarms or access control, but if nobody is at the premises then these will not give you an adequate response time. In our view, the only way a business can truly stay secure under these circumstances is with CCTV.

In recent years CCTV has been the standout security solution for businesses, studies have shown that even the presence of one or more cameras outside a premise can do a great amount to reducing break-ins. If the worst does happen then police have stated that CCTV was useful in catching culprits in 64% of situations. Whilst the stats here are positive and a testament to how effective these security systems can be, something that can’t be understated is the peace of mind that these systems can give you.

The past year, and the time spent in lockdown especially, have put an enormous amount of stress on business owners. Having CCTV cameras installed in your business can provide some dearly needed peace of mind. Some owners can make a quick trip down to their premises if they are worried, but this isn’t always an option. Our Hikvision cameras come alongside an app, which allows you to check your camera feed from a device of your choice. This means whenever you need to check something, you can do it with ease. In many cases this even extends beyond security; the ability to check if someone has taken the bins out or your parcel has been delivered is a seriously underrated quality of CCTV. Whilst you’re working from home, you need a solution that can let you work there effectively without worrying about your office. Whether it is security or just the little things, CCTV provides this.

Even if you are not working at the office, many teams will have essential crew who will be on site at all times. With very few others in the office it can be difficult to ensure that everyone is staying safe during this time. Whether it is attempting a task that should be done by more than one person, or just letting standards slip, there are some real health and safety concerns that can arise here. Having CCTV installed protects you should something end up going wrong. You can easily make sure that health and safety protocols are being followed and that if anything does go wrong, responsibility can be identified.

Thermal Screening Cameras

The biggest issue facing businesses right now, and the thing that is keeping many of us at home, is the big C-word. Coronavirus has changed the way that all of us work and has presented many new challenges for businesses. Whilst your CCTV solution is fantastic at keeping your business safe whilst Covid keeps you at home, it can also come in very handy once your team makes the move back to the office. The government has set out some strict regulations that businesses must adhere to in order to be labelled as Covid compliant. If these aren’t followed and someone falls ill, this can be genuinely disastrous. CCTV can protect you here, providing the proof you need to protect your business if the worst should happen. Of course, this relies on your team following the proper social distancing and hygiene procedures, but once again it demonstrates another area where CCTV can provide you with much-needed peace of mind.

Hikvision cameras also come equipped with Thermal Imaging capability, this is ideal for a retail market who have been hit hard by new restrictions. These cameras unobtrusively take the temperature within a second of anyone who enters, protecting you from the invisible as well as more visible threats.

In terms of the systems that provide the most usability to businesses, at Chrome we believe that Hikvision systems are the way forward. The biggest advantages of Hikvision solutions over others are their scalability and ease of use. You can easily add more cameras to your network whenever you need to. Similarly, you can operate your system from a device of your choice; you don’t need a James Bond villain-esque lair just to check your cameras. Overall, we believe that these systems are a sound investment just for the peace of mind that they bring business owners; you can take time to relax knowing you can see exactly what is going on at your business in just a few clicks.

If you’d like to find out more about our Hikvision camera solutions then give us a call here at Chrome at 0333212707. Our support team are happy to guide you through the whole process and will help you get a tailor-made solution for your business.

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