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The top 4 ways to get the best deal on your business mobile

Business mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular, especially as more and more businesses embrace remote and flexible working. With more staff based outside of the office and working from a range of locations, businesses are seeing great benefits to offering mobiles to their team members. Among many others, these benefits include efficiency – staff can access documents and work-related apps from their mobile, which means workflows aren’t interrupted when people are on the go. Another benefit is flexibility, as team members don’t need to be in the office to feel connected to customers and colleagues.

There are endless options for business mobile phones, and we know that you’ll want to be sure that you’re on the best plan for your needs. The option best suited for you and your business will really depend on the work you do, and the usage habits of your team.

But with so many options, deciding a way forwards can be tricky. We’ve written this blog to help. These are our top 4 ways for you to get the best deal on your mobile:

Look into SIM-only deals

As tempting as the latest devices can be, sometimes a SIM-only contract can be the best option to go for. It’s possible that you’ll save money with this option, especially if you keep your existing device, and some SIM-only deals will offer a great tariff at a lower price. If you are looking for a new handset there’s always the option of paying for a new device in full.  

The best SIM-only deals for your business will be the ones with the right tariff to match your usage habits. At Chrome, we regularly offer time-limited SIM-only deals. We’d recommend reaching out to us directly to find out what we’re currently offering.

Choose a provider with great customer service and an Account Manager

Choosing a business communication provider that offers a great customer experience is just as important as finding a great deal, perhaps even more so. If you have any issues or wish to add to your overall solution, having a provider who understands and cares for your business will make a difference.

Great telecommunications providers will offer a personal service and build relationships over time with you and your business. A team member with a large part to play in this is an Account Manager, who will handle your queries and be on hand to help with any issues. Your business mobile account manager will be able to check up on your usage habits and place spending caps on your SIM cards to avoid charges from over usage.

At Chrome, we pride ourselves on offering an honest and reliable approach to telecommunications. This means that you can count on our expert team to answer queries in a timely manner, and that we will recommend the best packages and systems for your business.

Although we understand it can be tempting to choose the cheapest deal, this can come with the cost of an unreliable service. We’re sure that you’d agree that high level service can be just as valuable as a great deal!

Go for a tariff that can grow with your usage habits

If you find that some, or all, of your team members with business mobiles are using them more than expected, you can make increases with flexible tariffs.

This is especially helpful in instances a member of the team has a change in responsibilities or a promotion. For example, if someone is based in the office, they may make minimal use of their business mobile and use their desk phone instead. If this team member starts a new role that means they’re out and about more, they’ll likely be using their business mobile more often as they spend less time at the office.

If you find that you need to make increases to tariffs as your usage changes, we’d recommend getting in touch with us to discuss your options.

Consider a range of handsets

If you are looking to get new handsets for your team, we can help you to find the best devices for your needs. Different job roles can benefit from different features, and it can be wise to consider a range of handsets.

For example, a surveyor will benefit from a high-quality camera and a new device with high speed to handle a range of applications. However, a field salesperson who is on the road a lot will need a handset with great battery life, which they can count on throughout the day.

At Chrome, we work with our customers to find the right handsets, tariffs, and business mobile plans that you really need.

We hope that you’ve found it helpful to know our top 4 ways of getting the best deal on your mobile. If you are interested in introducing business mobiles for your team then be sure to get in touch with us to find out more about what we can offer you!

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