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The top three benefits of a modern business CCTV system

CCTV is often overlooked by businesses. This is in partbecause a lot of business owners are not aware of how far modern security systems have progressed. CCTV systems of the past were of mediocre quality and relied on you being onsite to view the footage from your cameras. Some business owners will also consider CCTV an unnecessary expense, and simply believe that they don’t need it.

However, if a serious incident occurs at your premises, having CCTV footage will make it much easier for the police to handle the situation. It can also act as a deterrent to keep your team and site safe, as well as giving clear evidence of any criminal acts. Quite simply, without adequate security measures, business owners might be putting their staff and premises at risk.

Modern security systems have taken a huge step up from the systems of the past. A security system from Chrome will use modern technology, enabling you to keep an eye on your premises from anywhere. By understanding your business requirements and needs, we can tailor a solution for you, meeting your budget and making sure that it works for your needs.

To show you how the technology has progressed, we’ve put together our top three benefits of a modern business CCTV system:

Have the confidence to work remotely

Remote working is here to stay, and a great business communication system will enable you to work seamlessly from the office or from home. Whilst your phone system from Chrome will allow you to stay connected from anywhere, a CCTV system will allow you to keep an eye on your premises remotely.

If you have taken measures to support your staff in hybrid working, then why shouldn’t you also feel the benefits of remote work? With a security system from Chrome and our partners Hikvision, you can really keep an eye on your premises from afar through a mobile app. Instead of having to travel to your premises to view camera footage, why wouldn’t you want to access this from home?

Equally, a great security system will give you confidence that your premises are secure when you’re taking time off. With the security of knowing that your premises are being watched over, you can relax and focus on what really matters.

Our security systems are cloud-based, just like our phone systems. Cloud technology is what enables our security systems to be accessed remotely, so you don’t have to visit your premises to view your camera footage. This means you can access it from your mobile, tablet, personal computer or even a smart desk phone.

As well as enabling remote access to your security system, cloud-based technology will allow you to upgrade and scale up your system as needed. Your security system will be part of the same server as your Chrome phone system, and will support multiple cameras at a single location. If you move or open another premises, we can add another server and connect your new site to your existing network.

High quality camera footage

The camera quality of modern CCTV systems has noticeably improved from the systems of the past. Previous image quality was poor and blurred, and it would be hard to make out the faces of possible intruders when playing back your camera footage. With the clear, crisp footage of modern CCTV cameras you’ll be able to clearly see any intruders, making it much easier to identify them if the worst were to happen.

As well as clearer image and video quality, new CCTV systems come with a variety of new camera features. This includes thermal imaging, which detects high temperatures in people walking through your premises. Considering the coronavirus pandemic, this is an incredibly useful feature and can help prevent the virus from spreading in your premises. If the camera detects that someone entering the building has a high temperature, you could ask them to leave the site, or if it’s a member of your team request that they take a test.

Another brilliant camera feature of our CCTV systems is night vision. External cameras can be faced to monitor your premises from outside, and with night vision you’ll still be able to clearly see any intruders. By having external cameras, you can help to deter opportunists who may be put off by seeing that you have a security system installed.

Cloud software has really elevated modern security systems, enabling you to access your camera footage from anywhere. The ease of cloud software alongside the brilliant new camera features of modern CCTV systems, will allow you to give your premises that extra protection.

With a security system from Chrome, you’ll have more confidence that your premises are safe when working remotely or leaving the premises over the weekend. Get in touch with us today and our team can provide more information on our security systems and business communication solutions.

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