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Three things you need from a business phone system

No matter the size of your business, every company can benefit from an effective business phone system.

Communication is an important part of operating a successful business. To offer a great customer experience, you have to be reachable when your customers need you. Long wait times, a poor-quality line and dated on-hold music will all give a negative impression of our business. This will stand out before you have the chance to impress with your customer service. With the large amount of competition in any industry, no one needs to settle for a bad customer experience.

Even in the age of the internet, phone calls are still favoured by most consumers. Automated software is great for dealing with general enquiries but doesn’t have the personality of human interaction.

At Chrome, we understand that choosing the devices and features available for your communication system can become overwhelming. To make it clearer for you we’ve put together the top three necessities that every phone system should feature.

The right handset for the job

There is a wide variety of handset options available for all budgets and business needs. By investing in a quality phone system you won’t have to upgrade or replace it regularly. This will make your solution cost effective and more environmentally friendly as it’s built to last.

Modern business phone systems offer much more than phone calls. At Chrome, we’re especially excited by the latest hybrid desk phones combining quality phone calls with Android applications!

In between meetings you can catch up with your favourite TV programmes or video call with your partner. You can even download the mobile app for your security system. This will enable you to check up on your home from the office, and vice versa. Android powered devices are popular amongst our customers and would make a great investment for 2022. Why not treat your team to the latest release from Ericsson-LG for the new year?

We understand that some businesses won’t require a device with these features and would prefer a more simplistic handset. By understanding your business needs, required features and budget we can confidently provide you with the right solution.

Applications and integrations

There are a range of features and applications available to transform the quality of your customer interactions. These include call recording, call analytics and call handling. Call recording allows you to listen back to your calls to ensure that details have been recorded correctly. Call recording is also great for training purposes. You can monitor the level of service given by your staff, and clearly see where further training is needed.

With a call analytics app, you can find out when your lines are the busiest. This will allow you to effectively plan as you’ll know when you need to have extra staff available.

Supporting effective remote working

Flexible working is not going anywhere. To future proof your business you should consider if some roles can be done remotely. A great business phone system will enable true remote working without any compromises or disruption.

It’s important that your system works well when used between the office and your home. A cloud-based phone system will support a seamless experience for your hybrid workers. With only a plug socket and internet connection required, you can use your desk phone from anywhere.

Providing mobile phones for your team is another important step in supporting your remote workers. Applications will allow them to access their files and customer details remotely, so that they can really work from anywhere. As well as your employees working from home, mobiles are essential for those regularly on the road such as salesmen.

At Chrome, our team all have the iPECS ONE mobile app downloaded on their mobiles. This high functioning app offers great features including call diverts from your desk phone to your mobile, video calls and instant messaging.

There are a huge range of products and features available for modern business communication systems. These products make it much easier to create strong relationships with your customers whilst enabling your team to work to the best of their ability.

We hope that you’ve found our three necessities of a great business phone system helpful. If you’re looking to upgrade your business communication system then get in touch with us for more information.

We’d also recommend checking out our previous blog posts to find out more about the type of products we offer.

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