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5 Ways technology can bring your business into the flexible future

In the past year, businesses have had to change to accommodate a more flexible working environment. Although there have been many notable benefits to adopting remote working, it does take a lot of getting used to. There are many ways that you can help your team adapt to a remote way of working. One of the most crucial things you can do is make the most of your business technology.

Most business communication technology is now based around providing versatility for teams, and this extends to remote working as well. If your team take advantage of the collaboration and productivity boosting features of your technology, then flexible working becomes simple. We’ve put together this guide showing the big differences technology can have on the way you operate your business in a flexible working environment.

1. Video Conferencing

The one piece of technology that has been doing more heavy lifting throughout the past year is video conferencing. Even if your team haven’t figured out how to unmute themselves at the right time yet. It is undeniable that these services have been crucial in keeping the business world communicating recently. There are still plenty of things you can do to make this technology work even better for you.

Hosting meetings on a regular basis with your entire team is a great way to build staff morale and cohesion. Without a consistent schedule, remote workers can often feel directionless and unsupported; regular calls help to keep them connected.

If your business relies on a specific sales process, video conferencing can also be really useful. Conducting meetings with customers over video conference rather than voice calls is a great way to recreate rapport that may otherwise be missed while working remotely. It also allows you to restore a more personal connection that traditional sales processes strive to achieve.

2. Instant Messaging

A more underrated piece of technology that just about every business has access to is instant messaging. Unified Communications provides a way for businesses to access chat functionality, but we often find teams do not make the most of it. The abilities of a chat function might seem self-explanatory, but they can be vital.

If you have teams in customer service or tech support who are working remotely, the ability to quickly communicate with their colleagues through a message can be invaluable. Whether they need more information on a particular customer or have a technical query, instant messaging allows you to get the information you need. Quickly and unobtrusively.

Most instant messaging services also work alongside file sharing, so you can also collaborate on documents with ease.


With all of the difficult circumstances occurring right now, getting a little more peace of mind can be invaluable. Being away from the office for extended periods of time can raise some serious security concerns. Unless you fancy visiting your premises every day for a check the only real solution here is a technological one. A high-quality business CCTV system allows you to check on your office no matter where you are.

Our CCTV systems can be monitored via an app. This lets you keep an eye out for anything suspicious, or even just check that the bins have been taken out, from the comfort of your home.

If you’d like to find out more about our business security, see our business CCTV page.

4. Business Mobiles

Mobile technology was built to accommodate a mobile workforce, so remote workers can really benefit from it. If your business has a Unified Communications system in place, then your mobile can essentially replace your office phone.

Allowing you to access calls, video conferences and chat, you can even carry over your office number to your mobile. When working remotely, flexibility is key. A business mobile solution allows you to work at your best anywhere. From answering customer calls quickly, to collaborating with colleagues on the go.

For more on how to find the right business mobile plan, check out our business mobiles page.

5. Statistics & Analytics

When your team are working from home it can be a challenge to keep track of everything. From customer calls being missed, to cyber-security concerns, there is a lot that can be easily overlooked. Managers who make good use of call statistics are best positioned to keep on top of everything.

Through one dashboard, you can track call numbers, duration, peak hours and more. This allows you to find out key information as and when you need it. Using this data can help you and your team work together to make sure you are well-equipped to handle peak calling times.

We mentioned cyber-security, and for good reason. Working from home gives cyber criminals a unique opportunity to exploit businesses who aren’t communicating at their usual level. Call statistics help you to catch fraudsters with ease. Keep an eye on out of hours or international calls, these are a good sign that your system may have been compromised. With everything businesses are facing right now, a security concern is the last thing you need. Call statistics help you to stay prepared.

For more detailed information see our call statistics and analytics page.

We hope that these tips help you and your team to make the most of your remote working experience. There is a lot to be gained from a flexible working environment, if you are working with tech that makes it easy. For more information get in touch with the team here at Chrome on 03333 212 707. Or visit our website chrometelecom.co.uk/

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