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5 Ways modern CCTV systems can revolutionise the protection of your business

CCTV systems have had a bad reputation for years. It’s OK, we know. We’ve all seen grainy, pixelated, black and white CCTV images on TV and wondered how on earth anyone ever gets identified by them. For a long time, fake cameras were very nearly as useful as the real thing. Not any more.

Just as mobile phone technology has moved on since the Nokias of the 90s, modern CCTV systems are worlds ahead of older analogue technology. The latest systems are cloud-enabled, allowing you to check the feed of your full-colour, HD cameras from anywhere. And that’s just the start. Advanced features like night vision, thermal imaging and ANPR can be added to your system at any time. This makes installation, management and upgrades simpler and easier than ever before. This article will cover a few of the most important benefits of the latest CCTV systems.

Simple installation

Unlike the cumbersome cameras of the past, modern CCTV systems like ours are simple to install. Advanced Power over Ethernet technology allows cameras to be installed with just one cable, anywhere up to 100 metres from the nearest ethernet port.

Already gone through the disruption of installing an analogue CCTV system? The good news is that the latest systems can even re-use your old cables to connect modern cameras to your data network.

There might still be that one awkward spot on your site that’s a hundred metres or more from the nearest network connection. Well, wireless cameras allow you to monitor anywhere on your premises without any additional hardware. Simply connect them to power, then connect them to your network to monitor the entrance to your car park or any other remote position.

Thermal imaging

Bio-security is a relatively new concept for many businesses. Protecting your staff and customers from infection is a priority in modern life. Thanks to the modularity of modern CCTV systems, state-of-the-art thermal imaging systems can be practically plug and play.

Our thermal imaging systems can scan dozens of people simultaneously. Skin surface temperature readings are returned within a second. This makes them ideal for high footfall sites such as retail locations, saving time over manual scans as well as protecting your staff.

Virus screening solutions are also capable of checking whether staff and visitors are wearing facemasks where necessary. Not only does this provide a discreet method of checking your policies are being followed, but it also guarantees your firm’s compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Remote monitoring

The latest security systems are cloud-enabled. If you use cloud technology in your business already, you’ll have a good idea how much this could change the way you think of your security.

Cloud-enabled CCTV systems, like other cloud technology, can put control of your office’s security in your pocket. With mobile apps available on all platforms, you’ll be able to check in with your office cameras from anywhere.

Cloud CCTV systems integrate deeply with your mobiles and other cloud services. Configure your opening hours, for example, and your system can be set to send a notification to your smartphone if it detects movement when the office is closed.


Each of our on-site servers can support dozens of cameras streaming in full-HD. This gives you all the capacity you need for future expansion. If you outgrow your server, the modular architecture lets you simply connect another server to your network to expand the capacity of your system.

You can also connect all your offices into one seamless and easy to manage estate of security products across your whole business.

All this combines to make deploying, upgrading and managing a modern CCTV system easy. Start out with a few simple cameras, then add cameras with more advanced feature sets as you need them. This simplicity, modularity and customisability can transform your security, making your system cheaper to run and easier to rely on.

Camera Technology 

There is a wide range of camera technology available these days. Of course, night vision infra-red cameras are available. Technology is now allowing for conventional cameras with phenomenal low-light performance, giving you full-colour night vision in full-HD.

As we’ve mentioned, thermal imaging cameras are now so accurate, and so fast, that they give skin surface temperatures to within a single degree in under a second. This can even be backed by Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This improves the accuracy of ANPR systems, helps analyse and optimise queue flows to maximise your footfall, and helps identify facemasks. AI gives you the insight you need to protect your business and optimise your use of space.

If you’re still using an ageing, analogue CCTV system, now is a good time to consider an upgrade. Modern systems like ours have really come into their own over the last year. It’s been a great comfort to know that we can still check in with our cameras from home. Finally, CCTV systems feel like an extra set of eyes and ears on site, and more than just a clunky set of cameras.

To find out more about our CCTV systems or to book a free consultation, give us a call on 03333 212 707.

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