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Automobile CCTV, who’s watching your assets?

Perhaps more than any other industry, companies in the automotive sector carry a huge amount of valuable assets on site. Whether you are a showroom, garage, rental or storage facility, there is likely to be thousands of pounds worth of vehicles and equipment on site. This means security is more important than ever.

There have been many recent high-profile vehicle thefts and fraud cases in recent years, in fact theft has risen by 21% across the UK in the past 3 years. A car is stolen every 9 minutes. This doesn’t even take into account the machinery, tools and other tech that may be on your site. It’s clear then that there needs to be steps taken to keep your business and your team safe.

CCTV is the solution here. Cameras have come a long way since they first came on the scene. Gone are the grainy images and displays where you could barely make out a person, let alone identify them. Today’s cameras are an entirely different breed. At Chrome we think they could be a real lifesaver for businesses, this is why we’ve partnered with Hikvision to provide high-quality camera solutions to teams across the UK.

This blog will demonstrate how you can use a camera solution effectively within your business, and some surprising CCTV benefits you might not have heard before.

A high quality display

As we mentioned previously, CCTV technology has come on leaps and bounds since the 90s. Previous generations of cameras tended to struggle under certain circumstances. Whether they were in an awkward place, dazzled by a light or it was just night-time, they didn’t do so well. Times have changed and Hikvision especially have tailored their solutions to meet modern specifications.

Modern cameras now work just as effectively under many different lighting conditions. When your system is installed, engineers take a survey of your premise in order to suggest spots that give you the best coverage. This is based on providing you with maximum visibility at the same time as acting as an effective deterrent.

Peace of mind, wherever you are

CCTV isn’t just about catching crooks, it’s about giving you peace of mind when you are away from your business. In previous years CCTV could only be viewed through a specialist set-up. Whether it was a high-tech control room or just a monitor in your office, it was always a costly and cumbersome arrangement.

With a modern system, you can check your security feed from a device of your choice. Whether you’re working on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, if you want to check, you can. Your bathroom is your new control room.

Your cameras can also provide alerts when they spot something near to your premise during out-of-office hours. So you can check if it’s a potential break in, or just Gary putting the bins out.

Scalable and storable

Even if you did have a camera solution installed, previously it was difficult to access any of the recordings you captured. Likewise, if your operation expanded, it was nearly impossible to grow your security operation in an efficient way. With a modern system from Hikvision this problem disappears.

With one of our systems your recordings are stored on a device of your choice, and can be played back in-depth whenever you need them. This means that even if you’re worried that you missed something, you can check if you need to.

Hikvision systems are also completely scalable. This means that if you add a new premise to your network, or just find a new spot where you need a camera, you can get it hooked up with ease. This means that your security network can support you well into the future.

Discover thermal imaging

Now we’re getting into the seriously impressive stuff. The pandemic has created a whole new security problem for business, if infection isn’t detected early your staff and customers could be at risk. This is especially crucial for the automotive industry, where it is often essential for customers to enter your showroom or garage.

Hikvision has accounted for this problem with their new thermal imaging solutions. The cameras can now track skin surface temperature of any body within their vision in just under a second. This process is completely unobtrusive and means that you no longer have to station someone with a scanner at your front door. Keeping your team and your customers safe from any threat.

We hope this guide has helped to introduce some of the benefits of modern CCTV can bring to your business. Gone are the days where cameras were just for show, they are now genuinely a solution that can bring you complete peace of mind.

At Chrome, our security experts can help you to find a solution that works for your business’ specific needs. For more information, or to book a site viewing, give us a call here at 03333 212 707.

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