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Call Recording, for honest and transparent communications

In day-to-day business life its crucial to keep records. From legal documents to customer orders, to your employee information, there’s plenty that we keep stored away. Many businesses are now asking the question, why do we keep copies of written documents but not records of our most crucial conversations? This is where call recording comes in.

Call recording is now an essential part of the way that many teams handle their communications. Whether as a training tool or way to stick within industry regulations, it can be an extremely valuable asset. It only works at its best if teams use it properly though. At Chrome, we believe that call recording has a huge amount of versatility that many teams aren’t utilising right now. To help with this, we’ve put together this blog detailing the 4 most crucial ways that call recording can benefit your business.

Create a communication record database

One of the most valuable uses of call recordings is as a record. For many high stakes industries, such as those in the manufacturing sector, it can be invaluable to save client calls which in effect act as a digital signature. This can help to confirm the specifications of their orders, it can also protect you should something go wrong.

In customer facing roles, it can allow you to protect staff in the case of disputes. Without an accurate record of calls, these situations can end up becoming a ‘he said – she said’ dispute. This means that issues are difficult to resolve and the wrong person can be blamed. A call recording solution allows you to protect your staff and customers.

Create a more comprehensive ordering process

As we briefly mentioned before, having a comprehensive record of each customer call that you have made provides you with a great platform with which to build the rest of your customer service processes. It can be potentially embarrassing or unprofessional to call a customer and ask for the details of a piece of work that were already previously provided. Working off assumptions can work 9 out of 10 times but on the odd occasion it can be disastrous if it fails. Call recording provides you with a simple solution to this situation.

With call recording you can keep a comprehensive log of customer orders and specifications, like an audible receipt. These records are stored securely and safely on a cloud database. From there they can be accessed whenever you need them. If there’s a specific recording that you need to find, global search features allow you to access them with ease.

The perfect staff training tool

Learning how to nail the perfect customer phone call is a daunting task, especially for new hires. A recent study claimed that 75% of the current generation actively avoid phone calls, so how do you train them in your business’ call process?

The answer lies in recorded calls. With a call management service you can clearly see who your best performers are, whether it’s the person who handles the most calls or has the highest customer satisfaction ratings. Simply record an example of their calls and you can access it whenever you need to. This gives new hires a fantastic reference to get started with.

If anyone is struggling to grasp the call process, you can also record one of their calls and analyse it together to find areas for improvement. When you’ve called a business you may have often heard “this call will be recorded for training purposes”, that’s because it really works.

Ensuring regulatory compliance

There are many regulations being brought into place every day that stipulate how businesses should be handling client calls. This is relevant in sales and support departments but can be important in every area of your business.

With our call recording solution, customers are quickly informed that a recording will be taking place. All calls are stored in compliance with the latest GDPR regulations. In many industries calls must be recorded to ensure customer protection, especially in industries where privacy is essential such as in healthcare.

At Chrome we aim to ensure that all four of these crucial requirements are met within our call recording solutions. That’s why we work with cloud communication systems. These allow you to access all of these benefits no matter where you are working.

Whether all staff are based on one site, spread across many more, or looking to implement a remote working policy, you can still access the full utility of your communication service. In the case of call recording, you can make recordings and access records, from any location. We’ve got the security side of things covered with our protected data centres keeping your files safe.

If you’re interested in any of these features, get in touch at 03333 212 707 or view our integrations and analytics solutions.

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