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The importance of inclusive communications

In the world of technology, and telecoms especially, there is a huge focus on features. Whenever a new product or service launches businesses expect these features to be advertised front and centre. What teams might pay less attention to is the accessibility and usability of these services. This is just as important for both your team and your customers.

The user experience of the services that your business uses are crucial to keeping customers interested in your brand for the long term. If you can continuously provide a brilliant experience, then customers will keep coming back for more. At Chrome, we’ve taken this into consideration, and we’ve tailored our offering to help.

User experience extends to both your team and your customers. If your communications are inclusive and provide more options in terms of how customers can reach you, then you are guaranteed to be providing a better service. In this blog, we’ll cover a few of the most important communication systems that can make your business more inclusive to customers and staff.

Web RTC: A new way to communicate

Web RTC is a truly revolutionary step in the world of business communications. This service allows you to host fully HD video conferences through a web browser. This means instead of requiring your team, external partners or crucially your customers to download an app to access video calls, they can do it through their web browser.

Invitations to a conference can be shared to attendees via an instant message or email. This means that security is still paramount, while accessibility is made easy. The use of Web RTC means you can host large scale video conferences with many different users, no matter their device or technical ability. The potential for this technology is limitless in terms of what you can present to potential or existing customers.

Webchat: Simplifying customer service

Waiting in the queue to speak to a support operator generally isn’t the most enjoyable experience. We know that speaking to a real person is the best way to solve any query though. The solution here is webchat. This service can be installed on your website and provides a new way to troubleshoot and solve many different issues.

A webchat service adds a small textbox to your site, where visitors can ask questions that will be directed to a member of your team. These messages will likely come from new visitors asking about your range of services, or existing customers looking for support. In either situation this allows you to provide fantastic customer service without burdening your support team.


Auto-attendant: Keep your visitors informed

When your customers do dial in to your support team, it’s important to guarantee that the process is as smooth as possible. Auto-attendant services makes sure that your customers are always kept in the know. While they are in the queue an auto-attendant can let them know important details about your business. This could be anything from opening times, any changes to your service due to Covid19 or even their position in the queue.

Auto-attendant can quickly direct customers to the user who can best solve their issues, from the technical team to your sales staff.

Online collaboration: keep your team connected

Working with your team is made difficult by some of the more modern working practices we’ve adopted as businesses. Flexible working has many advantages, but nothing beats the collaborative environment of the office. Thankfully, there are a variety of collaboration and scheduling tools available that can help.

Many unified communications services now support full file sharing functionality. This means that no matter where you are, you can share the latest info with your team, meaning that nothing gets lost in translation. This process is further supported by screen sharing. This lets you collaborate alongside teammates or external users while working on the go.

Finally, our communication services are fully compatible alongside a range of 3rd party software. This includes organisational software such as Microsoft 365 and Outlook, that let you schedule meetings directly through your phone system.

We also work alongside CRM services, including popular systems such as Salesforce and Sage but also industry specific systems. These services allow you to provide a better customer experience as they allow you to see the most important data about each caller immediately.

We hope that this guide has helped to stress the importance of user-experience when you are considering the business technology your team are using. From communication to collaboration and customer support, the whole process needs to be simple and accessible. That’s what we’re all about here at Chrome.

Every feature and system mentioned here is available as part of our product portfolio. To find out more about these services and what they can do for your team get in touch!

You can reach our team at 03333 212 707, or contact us through our webchat tool. It’s easy!

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