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Cloud Phone Systems, Lightening the load for the healthcare sector

The healthcare sector has been working under extreme pressure throughout the pandemic. With Covid dominating front-line services, reducing staff workload is a key priority for all clinics, practices and surgeries in 2021.

We’ve been working closely with a wide range of clients in the healthcare sector throughout the pandemic. We’ve seen first-hand the impact that the intelligent use of technology can have on your staff’s workload. Our Cloud-based solutions include a number of features that are particularly helpful for both front-desk and clinical staff.

From video calls to CRM integration, we can tailor our Unified Communications systems to the unique requirements of those working in healthcare. For example, being based in the Cloud enables remote working without compromising data protection or security.

This blog article will explore the benefits of Cloud-based communications systems like ours. It will also explain how we can create a bespoke solution for your medical clinic, health care practice, surgery or business.

Making Appointments

The latest Cloud phone systems give an enormous boost to your appointment making processes. Our Cloud platforms integrate with a huge variety of popular CRM packages. The RESTful API implementation allows you to seamlessly connect your communications platform with your patient management software.

The click-to-dial features that CRM integration unlocks allow your staff to contact patients with a single click, saving valuable time and eliminating mis-dials.

Our systems also streamline the process of identity verification, reducing patient wait times and improving confidence. Deep integration with your CRM also automates other parts of the appointment-making process, linking patient records and even call recordings to each appointment. This in turn helps doctors, nurses and other clinical staff provide better advice, with a more comprehensive view of each patient and appointment ahead of time.

Giving Advice

Providing more information isn’t the only way that Unified Communications and the Cloud help you provide your services.

Our Unified Communications platform includes native video calling support. This has been an enormous benefit to our healthcare clients throughout the pandemic.

Giving patients the option of a Covid-safe video consultation helps them get seen quicker while reducing the risk of infection. Of course, it’s not practical to eliminate face-to-face appointments entirely. However, video consultations have enabled far more patients to be seen over lockdown, acting as a safe and convenient first point of contact with a GP.

Even more transformative is the ability for your doctors and clinical staff to connect from home in the event of your practice being closed. This allows you to continue serving the community remotely. The desktop and mobile apps give your staff access to all the tools and information they’d have in the office. This promotes close collaboration and maintaining the level of care your patients are used to.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Give the right first impression to your patients to increase confidence and peace of mind.

Reduce wait times by answering common questions through our advanced auto-attendants. It may seem like a small improvement, but every step you take to reduce the workload for your reception team pays off. This can let your staff spend more time on the phone with each patient at the same time as increasing your call answer rate. It’s a win-win.

It’s important to bear in mind the state of mind of your service users in the healthcare sector. If your patients are calling for anything but a routine appointment, they are likely to be under a lot of stress.

Improving the care you give to your patients therefore starts as soon as they pick up the phone, join a video call or start a web chat. Simplifying the process of accessing your services helps reduce anxiety, improving outcomes and giving your patients more peace of mind.

Make Access Easy With UC

Let your patients get in touch with you in a way that’s convenient for them.

Our Unified Communications systems can integrate with your web chat services, letting your patients choose the method of contact that works best for them.

Improving access to services is one of the key benefits of Unified Communications. We’ve got a huge amount of experience in tuning our systems to suit the unique requirements of the healthcare sector. One of the most rewarding parts of working with doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers is seeing our systems improve patient outcomes.

Cloud based systems like ours have the benefit of making it simple for your staff to work from home. The powerful mobile and desktop apps have been among the most useful features of our Unified Communications platform throughout the pandemic. Being able to connect from home and work with patients remotely has immensely reduced the load on front-line workers.

Is your practice in need of a communications upgrade? Unified Communications platforms like ours are a far cry from the bulky and expensive systems you may be used to.

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