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How Unified Communications can help Doctors to clear their backlog

Due to the pandemic, Doctors and Medical Centres are faced with a huge backlog. There are many patient visits and enquiries that need to be addressed. This has put practices in a difficult position; they are trying to get on top of existing patient correspondence, whilst at the same time dealing with the large volumes of calls that continue to be received each day. We know that it’s not a great feeling to keep people waiting, especially in such a crucial and sensitive environment. That’s why we provide technology that can help. Introducing Unified Communications.

Unified Communications, or UC software, is a very technical term for a very simple app that can transform the way you work. It essentially takes all your communication methods, such as calls, video conferences and messages, and puts them all into one application. It also brings together a whole range of other useful features that simplify the whole communication process.

We believe that it’s these features, combined with UC’s ease of use that can really make a difference for Doctors. We’ve compiled our favourite benefits below. Have a read and get in touch if you have any questions!

Deal with incoming calls in a more efficient way!

It is a huge challenge to deal with a backlog of patients if your practice is being overwhelmed by new calls arriving on a daily basis. Our UC platform can give valuable insights into a whole range of communications data. It can let you know when your busiest call times are on each day of the week. If you notice that you receive a high volume of calls at 9AM on a Friday, you can assign additional staff.

Call analytics also provide better insights as to which staff members are receiving the most calls, and who is handling them most effectively. This allows you to spot who might be getting overwhelmed and which staff members are available to assist. UC’s analytics platform also keeps an easily accessed record of every call that comes in. This allows you to efficiently return any calls that were missed, providing better service to every patient.

Remove the need for repeated calls.

One of the leading causes of a large backlog of calls are repeat callers. UC features a variety of useful tools that guarantee patient queries are solved more efficiently.

Our platform features intelligent call routing. This service checks the caller’s past interactions to determine which member of your team best equipped to handle their needs. This service can also directly routes specific callers to the member of staff they last spoke to, saving everybody time.

You can also ensure that no important details are missed with call recording. Our platform features an unobtrusive recording service that is compliant to all regulations. This service allows you to easily find and playback calls. This ensures that all important information is gathered, reducing the need for further calls to clarify. This service can also protect staff in the case of a dispute.

Provide a better service – from any location.

UC creates a more effective communication process, not just by speeding things up, but by making your communications more bespoke to each customer. One of the ways it does this is by making video calls and file sharing simple.

Even if you are away, you can host a video call via your UC platform on a device of your choice. These calls can be opened by a patient through their internet browser, without them having to download any additional technology. This makes face-to-face communication more accessible than ever before. Video calls allow you to get more information from a patient and can save time whilst providing a more tailored experience.

File sharing is another process sped up by UC. Files can be shared securely by your team through your UC platform. These files can then be edited, stored and easily accessed at a later date. This allows you to collaborate with your team in a more efficient way and provide patients with the answers they need quickly.

At Chrome we believe creating a sustainable system to support teams into the future is crucial. That’s why our UC solutions are designed both to help you get through an existing backlog of calls in an efficient way, whilst also providing you with a platform to handle calls moving forward, ensuring you are never faced with similar issues again.

The past year has shown how crucial it is to be able to operate effectively from any working environment, and UC has proven itself to be the ideal remote working solution. If you have any questions about UC or any other communication service, then get in touch. Our team are happy to provide a quick demo to illustrate the most important features to you. Give us a call at Chrome on 03333 212 707.

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