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Communication systems for the hospitality sector – Our top 6 features

Business communication systems are often overlooked in the hospitality sector. This is despite the fact that a great system can improve customer experiences, increase profits, and refine operations strategies.

Many businesses encourage customers to make bookings which would need to be taken over the phone or online. If you’d like your customers to be booking in advance, you need to make this as simple for them as possible. Having a great communication system is crucial for this. Customers need to be able to reach a real person when they call. They may be put off if their call goes to voicemail or if they have to hold for a long period of time. Instead of letting them make bookings with your competitors, why not impress them straight away with a great calling experience?

At Chrome, we recognise the importance of a great communication system for any business, no matter the size or the industry. We provide business phone systems, broadband, business mobiles and SIM only deals, as well as security systems. Businesses in the hospitality sector can enjoy a range of benefits from the features of our communication systems. This includes increased efficiency and improved productivity.

We’ve put together the top 6 features of a Chrome solution for businesses in the hospitality sector:

Call reporting

We can schedule daily reports on call statistics that allow managers to check on call volumes throughout the day. With a knowledge of when the business receives the most contact, management will know when they need to have the most members of staff available to take customer calls.

Call reporting will also log any missed calls. This will allow you to get back in touch with the caller to answer any queries or make their bookings. Again, this will help to improve operations strategies. With a knowledge of the times that you’re missing the most calls, you’ll know when you need to have more staff available. It can also suggest that you may need to scale up your phone system and increase the number of handsets at your premises. 

Portable handsets

At Chrome, we offer portable, cordless handsets as part of our product range. These are a great option for hospitality businesses as they allow staff to respond to customers quickly while on the move.

A hotel may have desk phones at their reception area, and portable handsets for other staff. Similarly, a restaurant could have a combination of desk phones and portable handsets, ensuring calls are never missed.

Our cordless phones are Wi-Fi enabled and access points can be set up to help them stay connected. These access points are strategically placed to ensure calls never drop out, even when moving between floors.

Call Queuing

Call queues are a way of making your booking process more user-friendly. Without a call queue only one or two calls can be handled at a time which isn’t great during peak hours. With this feature, callers will be placed into a queue and then connected once a member of your team is available. We can also add an auto-attendant that allows them to speak to the right department quickly.

On-hold marketing

On-hold marketing is one of our favourite features. It allows you to highlight current special offers and upcoming events as well as general business information such as your opening hours, whilst your customers are waiting on hold.

On-hold marketing works well with other features available such as call queuing. Whilst callers are waiting to be connected, they can learn more about your business. It’s a great way of advertising your business to existing and potential customers. It’ll keep your callers more engaged whilst they wait. You can use this service to cross-sell any additional experiences that you offer, such as a hotel’s spa, restaurant, or gym.


It’s crucial that hospitality businesses stay connected. Most companies in the hospitality sector will have phone systems, customer databases, CCTV systems, payment systems and sometimes even TV connected to the internet. To operate successfully these will all require a great Wi-Fi connection.

We can provide a business Wi-Fi service which would be on the same monthly bill as your phone system and other business communication services from Chrome. We’re independent providers, meaning we’ll only suggest the brands and services that are best for your business.


As well as business phones and communications, we also provide security solutions. Hospitality businesses will often have many individuals entering and leaving the building, sometimes throughout the day and night. To keep your premises, staff, and customers safe, you should be investing in a security system.

Our tailored cloud-based CCTV cameras feature remote monitoring to you can view your footage in real time from anywhere. You can do this from your mobile phone, or even your desk phone with our Android powered handsets.

Being able to check up on your premises from anywhere will enable you feel more comfortable in working remotely or taking time away from your business. It contributes to a better work/life balance.

Modern CCTV cameras are attractive and can be strategically placed around the interior and exterior of your premises. You can always keep an eye on your business.

We hope that you’ve found it useful to know our top six features of communication systems for hospitality businesses. To find out more, get in touch with Chrome at 03333 212 707.

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