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A day in the life of our Sales Manager, Lloyd Maxwell

At Chrome, we offer our customers a full cloud-based business communication system which is tailored to their needs and made up of business desk phones, mobiles, broadband, security, integrations, on hold marketing and analytics software. The features and benefits of our product range are also enjoyed and utilised by our team members in all our departments.

Our Sales Manager, Lloyd Maxwell, is an example of a team member who uses our business communication system to its full potential. We caught up with Lloyd to find out how he uses our cloud-based product range to complete his day-to-day responsibilities.

The morning:

Lloyd starts his day with breakfast and a coffee before heading to the office. He uses his business mobile to check both his calendar and his field salespeople’s calendars to refresh his mind on what everyone has scheduled for the day.

Once his team have arrived at the office and they have been briefed on their goals for the day, Lloyd will use his Ericsson LG iPECS desk phone to catch up with our field salespeople to go through the appointments that they have lined up for the day. Every customer and solution is unique, and Lloyd likes to ensure than our representative attending the meeting is well informed on the business that they are visiting and any special requirements that they might have.

On his calls, Lloyd uses the iPECS-approved Athena Wireless Headset for an enhanced experience through noise-cancelling features. Using a wireless headset also benefits Lloyd as it enables him to move around the office when speaking with colleagues, rather than needing to remain seated at his desk.

Later on in the morning, Lloyd uses his Ericsson LG desk phone and CRM integrations to contact existing customers about their upgrade options. He speaks with our customers about their system and how happy they are with certain features. If there are any new products and features that would benefit their business, he arranges a time to meet with them to go through their options.

After Lunch:

In the afternoon, Lloyd attends an appointment with a new business prospect. He will have prepared in advance and brought in products that he believes the new business would benefit from, such as our Android powered Ericsson LG Desk Phone/Tablet hybrid handsets. He also goes through features and benefits of the iPECS ONE mobile app, as well as the analytics features of our cloud communication system.

Whilst he’s on the go, Lloyd has his work mobile which uses one of our business SIM cards, enabling him to stay connected and to easily contact colleagues from anywhere. His iPECS ONE mobile app supports this by allowing him to make and take calls from his company extension number – this makes it simple for colleagues to contact him from the office whilst he is away.

Lloyd can also make video calls and send/receive instant messages using his mobile app, so if he ever has any technical issues whilst on the go he can start a video call with a member of the technical team who can offer assistance.

Back at the office for the last two hours of the day, Lloyd uses the call recording feature of our cloud solution to listen back to calls made by his team. This provides Lloyd with insight into where each team member requires extra training.

Throughout the day existing customers will often call to enquire about adding to their communication solution. CRM integrations mean that the customer account will pop up on Lloyd’s computer screen immediately, so he does not need to manually find their details and can focus solely on the customer that he is speaking with.

We hope that you’ve found it insightful to understand how integral members of the Chrome Telecom team such as our Sales Manager, Lloyd, use our product range to complete their daily tasks and responsibilities. Communication systems are our speciality, and we don’t sell anything we don’t believe in. Like the rest of our team, Lloyd is able to work more efficiently thanks to the technologies he uses every day. Just as these solutions benefit our business, they benefit others too.

If you’re considering upgrading your business phone system, now is a very good time. Efficient and productive work is always a priority in business, but it’s a matter of urgency now with costs rising. Meanwhile, legacy ISDN and PSTN phone lines are being switched off. All traditional landlines will be obsolete nationwide by 2025, and in some parts of the country this is happening earlier.

There’s a plus side to this, which is that the replacement (VoIP calls) will make calls cheaper, and our business phone systems support this along with all the features Lloyd uses and more. What this means is that it’s possible to boost productivity and save on call costs in one fell swoop! All you need to do is give us a call.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the benefits that a tailored solution from Chrome Telecom can have on your business then get in touch with us today.

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