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How migrating to VoIP can save you money

You’ve probably heard quite a lot about what VoIP can do for your business by now.

VoIP systems can directly improve your bottom line and this often gets overlooked. In this blog post we will explore just a few of the ways that migrating to a VoIP system can put money back in your pocket.

Infrastructure Costs

Most modern VoIP phone systems, including ours, are hosted in the Cloud. This shifts responsibility for the costly hardware involved in hosting a phone system on to your service provider. Of course, this is entirely impossible with an ISDN system that must remain on your premises.

Economies of scale kick in at the service provider level; the cost of maintaining phone systems for thousands of businesses, for example, is far less than the cost of each of those businesses buying and servicing their own hardware. This allows us to pass huge savings on to our clients.

Call Costs/Call Bundles

As you probably know, VoIP routes calls over the internet rather than through the ageing copper PSTN or ISDN network. Again, economies of scale are involved here; with phone traffic now using the same infrastructure as all other internet traffic, maintenance costs are shared among the millions of internet users and service providers around the country.

Without the need to transit the costly PSTN network except at the very last loop of the call, VoIP call rates are exponentially cheaper than you may be used to with ISDN or PSTN. Where standard landline call rates are often several pence per minute, calling a UK landline from a VoIP phone will cost less than a penny per minute.

Indeed, the cost of UK VoIP calls is so low that many providers like Chrome include unlimited UK landline and mobile calls bundled as part of the monthly service charge. No line rental. No call charges. Just a single, fixed invoice to pay at the end of every month.

Improved Efficiency

VoIP systems, and Unified Communications systems in particular, help you do more in less time.

These improvements to your operational efficiency can be small, like enabling click to dial features. Or they can be enormous, like integrating your CRM with your phone system.

Unified Communications systems combine all your business collaboration tools into one simple Cloud service. This allows you to:

  • Launch a voice or video call with a colleague in one click.
  • Start an ad-hoc conference call with an entire team or department.
  • Share your screen with colleagues while on the phone, helping to demonstrate ideas and projects.

Transformed Reliability

VoIP systems are inherently more reliable than their older analogue counterparts.

Cloud hosted systems like ours can even entirely eliminate the need to worry about downtime; with multiple geographic and hardware redundancies baked-in to our platform, we can provide industry-leading SLAs. This helps to ensure that your phone system is always available to work for you, adding tremendous value to your business.

Compare this to older, more basic ISDN systems hosted on your premises, which provide little to no protection against a power cut, hardware failures or other outages. VoIP truly is a step forward.

Remote and Flexible Working

As we have all learned over the pandemic, it’s crucial for any modern communications platform to support remote and flexible working in your business.

Working from home without a VoIP system in place can be costly, isolating and extremely inefficient. Our VoIP systems have apps available for all major mobile and desktop platforms. This means your staff can sign-in to your office phone system from home, out on the road, a cafe, or wherever they choose to work for the day.

Once signed-in to their extensions, your users will be able to dial out as if they’re calling from the office. All inbound calls to their office numbers will be directed straight to them. Unlike an ISDN system, this is all automatic, requires no configuration and best of all, doesn’t cost a penny in call forwarding charges.

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Outcomes

This support for flexible working practices represents just one way in which VoIP systems can improve customer satisfaction and outcomes. It’s harder to put a figure on how much money this could save you, but we don’t need to tell you that happier customers are always more likely to stay with you.

VoIP systems can help improve customer satisfaction by:

  • Keeping callers informed with advanced queuing and on-hold messaging systems
  • Improve resolution times by putting crucial information at your staffs’ fingertips
  • Providing detailed statistics and analytics to help you gain valuable insights into your customers’ behaviour and your team’s performance.
  • Ensuring all calls get answered, no matter where your staff are working from.

We think the most important cost-saving benefit of VoIP is the certainty that it can put back into your budget. There are no hidden or unexpected costs to a VoIP system, and with all UK landline and mobile calls included in the monthly price, you know exactly how much you will be paying each month.

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