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Where mobiles can fit into your communications network

The business world is still in two minds about using mobile phones for work. In some industries and businesses, they are still an awkward distraction from the real work. However in other sectors they are an essential part of daily working life, made even more important by the switch to remote working. In reality there is a balance to be struck. Mobiles can provide a fantastic option to your team and are great to have in your arsenal when working on the go, but they must be managed effectively.

If mobiles are used right then they can add versatility and productivity to many areas of your business, not to mention being a fantastic motivational tool. At Chrome we have spent years helping businesses access mobiles for their team in a cost-effective way, as well as advising teams on their use. Here’s our tips for the best practices and additional technology that can help mobiles fit into your communications network.

Unlock more flexible working environments

Remote working is great, but only if you can work to the same standard as in the office. Lockdown taught us that without the right tools, productivity and customer service can definitely suffer. Mobiles can help here.

Unifying your communications allows you to access your most important communication services on a device of your choice. This can be anything from your calls, to records of useful messages sent between you and your colleagues. Our UC platform also features video calls that can be accessed through mobiles at the push of a button. This makes internal collaboration simple for any staff working on the go.

When it comes to customer service via a mobile device, the objective is generally for them to not realise that you are using a mobile. This is of course differs in some roles, estate agents especially are known for working on the go. But the majority of office-based customer service roles require intense professionalism, and that’s what call routing provides. This service automatically directs any calls from your office number to a mobile of your choice. Your office number will be displayed to the customer and as long as you maintain a strong connection the audio quality will be flawless.

Gain reliable business continuity

Business continuity is a term that has risen to prominence in the past 18 months and for good reason. Many businesses were massively unprepared for working from home during the first lockdown. They have been keen to make sure they are never caught out again. Business continuity involves making sure you are fully equipped to work flexibly, should the office be unavailable unexpectedly.

Mobiles are of course incredibly valuable here for many reasons. Not least that they can allow access to a variety of your business’ most important tools. For instance, most teams use some form of CRM, from well-known services to niche industry specific tools. Many of these can’t be reliably accessed away from the office, meaning customer service is at risk. A business mobile plan combined with unified communications allows you to integrate with your CRM remotely. This means if a customer dials in, your remote staff can quickly see their name and important details.

Similarly, mobiles provide a great option if your office WiFi is unavailable. This does rely on your team having a strong data plan alongside your mobiles though. That’s where we step in. At Chrome we have great relationships with the UK’s top providers, meaning we can keep you connected at the best price.

Create a more versatile workspace

The work environment is changing. Especially in industries that feature larger open spaces such as hospitality, manufacturing or events where there is generally a wide space between many of your staff and a deskphone. In these situations mobiles can be a lifesaver.

Equipping your team with business mobiles, alongside a connectivity service that keeps them working at their best, is a way to guarantee availability. It allows your team to respond to issues quickly and stops the mad dash across your building when the one phone in the corner rings.

One of the main concerns that many business owners have when adopting business mobiles is that interactions using them are hard to keep track of. Many industries, especially the ones we previously mentioned, need to log or record customer calls which is difficult on a standard mobile. With a UC service though, it is made simple. All calls are logged onto your system and can be automatically filed into easily accessible reports. This adds accountability to your communications and means your team are no longer held back by inflexible technology.

For more on our business mobile plans, unified communications or any other service mentioned here, give us a call. We can help find a bespoke solution for your business. You can reach us here at 03333 212 707.

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