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Prioritise quality, not cost.

If you follow our LinkedIn page, you will know that last week we ran a survey to find out what business owners’ value most out of price, product, service or other when choosing a telecommunications provider. For those of you who don’t already follow our LinkedIn page click here to keep up to date with the latest Chrome updates and industry news.

The results are in and the answers may shock you, only 9% of individuals voted for product and other, a huge 55% voted for service and 27% thought price was the most important when choosing a telecommunications provider.

From a professional point of view, I personally believe that all options are important but from our extensive experience would rate them as service being the most important, product following closely and price being the least important out of the three. If you pay for peanuts you get monkeys, right?

Our new business department speak to customers daily who have had the wool pulled over their eyes by other providers with little to no upfront costs and low monthly payments but when something goes wrong they are left for hours and sometimes even days with telephone lines dropping in and out or not working at all. How are you supposed to run a successful business when your customers cannot even get through to you on the phone?

At Chrome, we pride ourselves on the service we give our customers and while we might not be the cheapest provider it is very rare that we would be beaten on the level of customer support or the standard or products we provide. Once you choose us as a telecoms provider, our maintenance terms and conditions state that urgent faults are amended within 8 hours and non-urgent faults are fixed within 16 hours. However internal stats show that over 85% of issues are actually resolved within 2 hours of us being first notified.

The benefits of Chrome Telcom doesn’t stop there – not only do we provide industry leading handsets, for an extra cost we can also supply CCTV, thermal imaging cameras and software that will ensure your company details appear before your competitors when a potential customer does an online search.

For more information on how Chrome can help your business, please give us a call – 03333 212 707

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