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Thermal Monitoring Solutions

One of the key indicators for detecting COVID-19 is elevated body temperature. Our new Thermal Monitoring Solution’s from Hikvision can detect elevated body temperatures, from a distance, ensuring your work premise remains a safe environment for all.

Why not use a thermometer?

Well… Think of the delays getting in to work or going to events if traditional thermometers were used,  it would be a complete disaster. Not only can Thermal Imaging cameras be set-up to scan a crowds, but they also use 1000’s of temperature readings to build up a 2-dimensional picture. This allows for improved screening and more accurate temperature readings over traditional methods.

Benefits of a Thermal Monitoring Solution from Chrome Telecom

  • Ensure the safety and wellbeing of your staff
  • Reduce overall sickness in the workplace
  • Quick to install
  • Easy to administer

Thanks to Hikvision’s industry leading technology, we are able to offer a verity of different products and tailor a solution best suited to your business needs and budget.

Fixed Camera

  • Perfect for covering entrances, lobbies and hallways
  • Increased safety, measure many people without physical contact
  • High efficiency, only one second to detect a person
  • High accuracy
  • Easy installation and configuration

Handheld Wireless Mobile Camera 

  • Ideal for mobile use, moving quickly between different venues
  • Flexible and quick deployment
  • Easy connection, cable free
  • Increased safety, measure individuals without physical contact

Face Mask Detection

  • Ideal for checking when face masks are essential
  • Clear intuitive display settings
  • Fast history search selected by temperature and/or mask status

Touch Free Access Control 

  • Ideal for contactless doorway access
  • Thermographic camera built-in delivering efficient temperature measurement
  • Real-time skin-surface temperature display
  • Face mask detection

Entrance Metal Detector Door 

  • Perfect for main entrances where immediate testing is required
  • On-board thermal camera providing accurate skin-surface temperature measurement
  • Includes a live display for real time skin-surface temperature
  • Light and audio alarm built-in
  • Fast deployment

Regardless of the size or situation of your business premises, we will have a Thermal Monitoring Solution that suits your business needs. Get in contact with a member of our friendly sales team today for your free, no obligation quote.

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