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Remote Security and how your team can stay safe

Right now, your team might still be working from home or are beginning to head back to the office. A lot is changing about the way that we work and with change comes security concerns. Some businesses may have either started new working practices without the proper security checks or have let standards slip. This is understandable. It’s a difficult time! However cyber-security threats increased over the last year, with 22% of businesses reporting an attack at least once a week. Physical threats can’t be discounted either.

At Chrome, we’ve supported businesses who have shifted to a remote working model. We also offer a variety of great security solutions. This means we’re in a great place to advise businesses on how they can keep their teams safe from threats to both their office and their network. We’ve put together this blog that features some quick tips on how your business can stay safe.

CCTV is about more than just catching crooks

In the past CCTV didn’t really serve as a way to stop crime. They were designed to help the police to catch criminals after they’d already burgled a property. Times have changed though, and CCTV can now offer teams some real peace of mind. Systems from suppliers such as Hikvision now provide cameras that offer high quality visuals both in and outside of your premise. Your camera feed can be accessed through a mobile device, so there’s no need to splash the cash on a control room.

Remote access and a high-quality feed mean you can react quickly to any incident, even if it’s just that someone forgot to put the bins out on a Tuesday. Just having a set of cameras up has been proven to be a huge deterrent for any criminals. It shows that you’re not an easy target.

Our Hikvision cameras are also a fantastic solution for when your team return to work. We offer thermal imaging cameras that can detect body surface temperature in half a second. This allows you to secure high footfall areas in your business without having a dedicated member of staff in place. It also allows you to respond quickly and protect your team and your customers from infection.

Protect yourself from cyber-threats

Cyber-security isn’t all about hackers in dark rooms. It can simply be logging on to the wrong Wi-Fi connection or clicking on the wrong link in an E-mail. Working from home means that your team will not be under the same security protections, and their devices may be unsecure. Here are some of the main things that you need to consider.

  • Secure your WiFi, network fraud is on the rise and with all our devices becoming more connected, it’s a real threat. Make sure your team’s networks aren’t secured by passwords like “password” or “123”. It’s like bolting your door with a french fry.
  • Understand threats from your inbox. Email phishing attacks are much easier to fall for when you don’t have colleagues around you. It is worth blocking access to unallocated mailboxes on the system and changing the default PIN on unused mailboxes. If possible, you should try and remove any unused mailboxes.
  • Choose carefully which staff need to have access to company data. The less devices who have access to important financial information or customer data, the better. This isn’t about limiting people’s ability to work, it’s about reducing the risk of any one device being compromised.

Telecoms Security is crucial

Telecoms fraud is on the rise. according to the Forum for International Irregular Network Access (FINNA), organised crime is making £40 billion a year from telecoms fraud. With staff operating outside of the office, cyber-criminals have found more opportunities to damage businesses without being detected. The best way to prevent unwanted access and activity is to understand your system and limit access to certain features.

An example of this is international calls. While they might be essential for some of your team, it’s likely that most people won’t need them. You can block access to these kinds of calls from your phone system to prevent fraudsters from racking up high charges. If you need to keep access enabled for these calls, you can check for any suspicious activity through a call management system.

Another common tactic for fraudsters is to spam calls at unsociable hours to rack up high charges, while users can’t tell that their system is being used. Blocking calls from out of work hours is a great way around this issue. Your call analytics platform is again another great place to check for suspicious activity.

We hope that these three points have given you some ideas on how you can keep your team secure both remotely and upon your return to work. If you have questions about CCTV, connectivity, or telecoms, give us a call here at Chrome. We can guide you through the best practices that will help you to make the most of your technology. Give us a call here at 03333 212 707, or visit our website, https://chrometelecom.co.uk/

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