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Top 10 Phone System Features for Dental Surgeries

Dental surgeries rely on their phone systems to operate effectively. Managing the morning rush of calls is a challenge without the right technology on your side.

In this blog post we’ll cover the top 10 features included with the latest cloud phone systems. These can help dentists perform at their best.

  1. On-hold messaging

While phone systems like ours help reduce the amount of time your clients spend waiting, brief holds are unavoidable. Why not use this time to keep your clients engaged and informed? At Chrome we can arrange professional recording services, creating bespoke messages to showcase your additional services like teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry.

Phone systems like ours are fully customisable, giving you the ability to use professionally recorded audio at every stage of a call. On-hold messages, custom queue greetings and announcements, voicemail messages and auto attendant menus complete the picture, creating a slick and professional image for your business.

Find out more about our on hold marketing services.

  1. CRM Integration

The ultimate time-saving and productivity-boosting feature of modern phone systems is their ability to integrate with your CRM or patient management system. Our phone systems integrate deeply with Software of Excellence, Dentally, iSmile and R4 adding new levels of functionality and putting crucial information at your staffs’ fingertips just when they need it.

Click to dial lets you call your clients on their preferred numbers with one click from within your CRM. Screen popping checks incoming calls for numbers in your contact database, displaying client information to your front desk staff when they answer a call.

If you’d like a quote for a new dental phone system, use our quick online quoting tool.

  1. Auto attendants

Make sure your callers reach the right people every time. The latest auto attendant systems reduce the load on your staff during the all-important morning rush, helping you prioritise urgent or emergency calls.

Our auto attendants support advanced features like PIN access, extension dialling and voice recognition plug-ins. This helps callers bypass your queuing systems wherever possible, even providing answers to some common queries before reaching a member of staff.

Read more about our features for dental practices.

  1. Multi-site collaboration

If your dental practice operates across multiple sites, sharing workload between them is crucial. It’s always possible that one of your surgeries is busier than your others, so giving your staff the tools to respond to calls for other sites is a great way to increase efficiency across your business.

Cloud systems like ours are shared across all your offices, acting as a central communications hub to distribute calls and minimise client wait times. With all staff using the same system, inter-site and inter-team communication becomes the default.

Find out how our communications platforms can help your teams work more closely together.

  1. Desktop attendant console

Desktop apps like our attendant console can provide more functionality to your front desk staff than even the most advanced desk phone. Drag and drop calls to transfer, check the status of your colleagues at a glance, and view the contact history of your callers. In one app.

Attendant console apps replace their bulky and complex hardware equivalents. These give your front desk staff a responsive and context-aware app to perform common tasks quickly and efficiently.

Use our quick online tool today to get a quote for your dental phone system.

  1. Call Recording

How does the old tune go? Training and monitoring purposes, right?

Well, those purposes are undeniably useful to dentists. Whether that means using recordings to review call processes or listening back to calls ahead of appointments with clients, call recordings are a phenomenal tool. Our systems are GDPR-compliant and save all recordings in secure cloud storage.

To learn about Call Recording and more visit our Dental Industry page.

  1. Advanced call queuing

The morning rush of calls in the healthcare industry is one of the most challenging scenarios for any phone system. Busy practices can have dozens of patients calling for appointments at any given time, so call queuing systems are essential.

The Automated Call Distribution features of our phone systems include position announcements and can even give your callers an estimated wait time. Keep your callers informed and engaged with ACD groups. Advanced features of our call queues include skills-based routing and multi-site support, allowing you to configure an overflow office for your busiest periods.

Find out how your team can work smarter.

  1. Stats and Analytics

Respond to demand in real time with an advanced analytics module. Systems like ours let you plan for the future by highlighting your busiest times and estimating the staffing levels you need to cater to the expected call volumes.

Similarly, wallboards can be used to get a detailed overview of your daily call statistics at a glance. Wallboards can be configured to display any recorded information, helping you to ensure that any missed calls are returned and that wait times are kept to a minimum.

View our range of useful analytics tools.

  1. Local presence

Unlike older phone systems, VoIP systems like ours make it easy to provide a local contact number for all your customers. Publishing local numbers for all the areas you operate in helps to inspire confidence among your client base. It also makes it simple for them to reach you.

Local searches are becoming an increasingly important part of SEO. Providing local numbers for as many potential customers as possible is key. Our phone systems make it easy to manage these phone numbers, helping to attract new business to your practice.

Our Dental Industry page provides an overview of our services that cater to your needs.

  1. Remote consultations

We’ve all had to adapt to working remotely in the last year, and dentists are no different. Phone systems and Unified Communications platforms like ours have been helping keep practices operating smoothly since we went into lockdown. Video consultations have been hugely effective, keeping nurses and support staff working from home.

Meeting patients over video has proven to be efficient and convenient for everyone involved. Patients can be seen in their own homes, and with fewer delays between appointments staff find it easier to keep up with busy timetables. They’ve proved so invaluable. In fact many of our dental clients are looking to continue using video even after restrictions ease.

We’ve got a huge amount of experience working with dental surgeries across the country, giving us an unbeatable track record. Our systems can save you time, improve your customer service levels, and help you adapt to whatever challenges lay ahead.

To get a quote you can use our quick online tool today or visit our dental industry page for more information https://chrometelecom.co.uk/dental/We’re always happy to arrange a free video consultation and quote, so give us a call on 03333 212 707 today to get the ball rolling.

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