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We are 2021 Comms National Awards Finalists!

Chrome Telecom are excited to announce that we have been nominated as finalists for the 2021 Comms National Awards. We’ve been nominated in the Best SME UC Customer Solution category.

The CNAs is one of the most prestigious awards in the telecoms industry and is now in its 20th year. The event features a panel of industry experts with experience in recognising quality and excellence across a variety of fields. We can’t wait for the event itself later this year, but in the meantime here’s why Chrome were nominated in our category.

We have worked alongside a group of medical centres in Gloucestershire for the past 4 years across two of their sites. The healthcare industry faced an incredibly challenging year in 2020, it faced excessive strain on its resources and communication systems, made worse by the need to work remotely due to a Covid outbreak. We recognised that with the Group’s existing infrastructure they were likely to be overwhelmed, and provided solutions to allow staff to stay on top of patient demands.

Due to our close working relationships with SMEs like this healthcare provider, were able to respond quickly. We put in place a detailed and organised plan to implement Cloud communications and computing services across their network. Over two weeks, we migrated both practice’s patient data to the cloud, as well as delivering bespoke training services to the team. Training involved how to work well with their new communication services both within their practice and remotely.

The solutions delivered included:

1, Video Conferencing – the group of practices can now share information more quickly between themselves. The surgeries have been able to use the features to provide home consultations, saving lives.

2, Call Analytics – is helping management to determine the state of play. It has helped to decide the surgeries’ hours of operation, staffing levels and the need for additional training and support.

3, Microsoft 365 – Microsoft 365 has continued to enable staff to contribute to productivity even when not in the office. Correspondence with patients hasn’t been affected, which has helped the Group to keep on top of patients’ other medical needs outside of Coronavirus.

4, Call Management Software – staff can change hours of operation, re-route calls when necessary and change the configuration of call pathways when required. This feature has been invaluable in keeping the customer service operation as smooth as possible.

The awards ceremony is taking place on the 7th of October! We can’t wait to let you all know how we performed!

For more information about the awards visit the CNA website: https://www.cnawards.com/index.php

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