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How to stay connected when working remotely

Working remotely presents a series of unique challenges for any business. We know every sector will handle these issues slightly differently but one thing everyone needs to consider is connectivity.

There is no way of working remotely with any kind of reliability if you can’t get online. Working with even a patchy connection leads to missed calls, a lack of productivity and constantly dropping out of conferences. At Chrome, we’ve worked alongside a huge range of businesses who have struggled to bridge the gap between their office and remote environments, we’ve seen their issues and have mastered the solutions.

We now provide a variety of ways to stay connected remotely. We even recently put them to the test, relocating our entire office to the beach for a day, only relying on the connectivity services we brought with us. That experience has taught us the best ways to keep businesses working in any environment, and today we’ll share those solutions with you.

Access 4G from any location

We’ve all had that feeling, you need to check something important while you are out and about, but your connection is only displaying that little E or worse, nothing. This is usually just inconvenient, but we know for some high-stakes industries it can be disastrous.

That’s where our 4G dongle comes in handy. This essentially allows you to take blazingly fast 4G with you on the go. Simply plug in to a device of your choice and access a high-speed connection. This means you can host video calls, share files and work collaboratively with your colleagues in any environment. Alternatively you could just use it to check your emails on the train, we don’t mind!

Work with the best mobile provider for you

We know that a huge portion of any remote work is done on a mobile phone. It’s our hub for a huge amount of different communication and productivity services. Working with the right mobile contract is essential for accessing these services reliably and not spending a small fortune on them.

We’ve tailored our business mobile service around these needs. As we are independent providers, we only recommend to you the mobiles and data solutions that genuinely suit your business, rather than the most expensive ones. We’ll scour your location for the network that provides the best connection and value for money. We also offer network agnostic SIM cards that allow your mobile to connect to the fastest network in any area, perfect for working on the move.

Connect your colleagues

In many situations you will often be working remotely with colleagues and not everyone will have reliable access to the internet. Whether someone is connected on a different network, or just can’t keep a reliable signal, it happens, but it can be avoided.

At Chrome we offer a MiFi solution. This service basically acts as a remote WiFi hotspot that a number of devices can connect to. This is a much more secure way to access WiFi on the go, compared to potentially dangerous public WiFi. We’ve partnered with global connectivity giant UniFi to make this service available, so you’ll always get access to high speeds and modern security systems.

Home broadband tips

Although we’ve covered many solutions to help you work on the go, we know that a very large portion of remote working will happen at home. Unfortunately, we also know that a very large portion of home networks are not equipped for business use. Whether it’s glitchy video calls, slow downloads or interference from other activity going on in your house, it should probably change.

There are solutions you can provide to end your staff’s home working woes. From access points that can boost their signal everywhere in the house, to backup services such as the 4G dongles we mentioned earlier that can support staff should their connection drop out. You don’t have to leave staff to it, stay connected and video conference for as long as you want.

Bring your connection back to the office

All of the services we’ve mentioned here can have a fantastic effect on your ability to work remotely. However the value they bring can be felt just as strongly once you’re back in the office. During the periods that staff work remotely this presents a valuable opportunity to improve the office’s connectivity.

No matter what you’re looking for in an office connectivity solution we can help. Whether you’re looking for a WiFi solution that actually reaches every corner of your building, or a powerful leased line that helps you cut through busy network traffic in your area, our team will visit your premise and suggest a solution that can help.

For more information about any of the services mentioned here, get in touch with our team here at Chrome. You can reach us at 03333 212 707.

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