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Why you should consider business CCTV

CCTV has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years. This technology has gone from being a preventative measure to something that provides genuine peace of mind.

Modern CCTV services are far beyond the black and white displays that were once standard. The latest services are full-colour, High-definition and can be strategically angled to ensure that every location is secure. We believe that every business should be equipped with a security system that actually works for them, which is why we’ve partnered with Hikvision to help.

Why Hikvision?

Hikvision are a giant of the security industry, with years of experience providing CCTV as well as other solutions. At Chrome, we’re an independent technology provider meaning we’re not beholden to providing solutions from one particular supplier, we work with Hikvision because their products meet our customer’s needs. Here’s how:

Get peace of mind from any location

The greatest advantage of modern CCTV services over their predecessors is their connection to the cloud. When you think about CCTV you might associate it with a control room with TV displays lining the walls. Previously, you did need to be on-site to view the feed from your cameras, not with a cloud-based service.

Modern cloud-based CCTV allows you to view your camera feeds from any device in any location with an internet connection. This is all handled through a single app that can be downloaded on your PC, mobile or tablet. This means if you’re working at home, in a different office or on the beach you can still access your camera feed. Our solutions can even provide alerts if cameras are triggered during out-of-office hours, so you’re always informed.

The latest camera technology

Camera technology is advancing all the time and not just in the ways that you’d expect. While pictures are getting sharper and colours clearer, there are some truly new features coming to CCTV platforms soon.

These services include night-vision, allowing you to keep a clear view of your property’s exterior during out-of-office hours. Another recent advancement which has needed to be called upon quickly is thermal imaging. Thermal imaging cameras were traditionally used by the military but have recently become a tool to help businesses fight the spread of disease.

Thermal imaging can be installed as a feature of your business CCTV. These cameras are so precise that they can read the skin surface temperature of dozens of people simultaneously as they enter your building. This is ideal for high footfall industries such as retail, leisure or events. Hikvision cameras can check whether staff and visitors are wearing facemasks where necessary, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Managed installation and Expansion

In the past, the act of installing any new piece of technology in and around your business could be time consuming and stressful. When it was time for upgrades or maintenance the woes only continued. As a technology provider we know this feeling all too well, that’s why we’re focussed on services that save you trouble.

CCTV is one of these services. As we mentioned previously, our Hikvision solutions are cloud-based. This helps in both their accessibility, but also how easy they are to install. They connect to the internet through Power over Ethernet technology, meaning that just one cable can connect cameras 100m away from the nearest access point. As they are cloud-based, these cameras can work on the same network as the rest of the devices you use around your business, such as your communications tech.

Similarly, when the time comes to upgrade or expand your camera network, it’s an easy process. Our cloud service supports dozens of cameras on a single site, meaning every angle is covered. But if you move into a new premise, it is simple to add another server and bring this new site seamlessly into the rest of your network. Simply add what you need, with no fuss.

But I’ve already got a CCTV system, why upgrade?

We hear you, and that’s why our CCTV solutions can be added in conjunction with your existing network. This is once again down to the scalability of our cloud solutions. We can’t reiterate enough how valuable some of these solutions have been to businesses over the past 18 months.

The ability to check the status of your cameras remotely has been a lifesaver during lockdown and beyond. These modern cameras go above what their predecessors provided, when compared to their analogue predecessors, they give a genuine sense of peace of mind.

To find out more about our CCTV solutions, check out our CCTV page. You can also get in touch with us here at Chrome. We’ll be happy to talk through your unique business requirements and help to find a solution that works for you. You can reach us at 03333 212 707 and book a free consultation.

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