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A guide to business mobiles

Providing your team with business mobiles is a great step to take in creating a more flexible working environment. Business mobiles for your staff working at home, or those who are regularly on the go such as field salespeople, will enable them to stay connected without needing to use their personal phones.

Team members using their own mobiles can come with security risks if they leave your company with sensitive information on their devices, or if a device is stolen. Providing your team with business phones will lessen the threat of security breaches, especially if you use apps such as iPECS ONE to make calls.

Depending on your business and operations strategy, there will be members of your team whoexclusively use desk phones and won’t need to have a business mobile. However, for those who use mobiles as part of their job,we’d really recommend investing in business mobiles.

We understand that it can be difficult to decide which mobiles to choose and which features will benefit your team the most. At Chrome, we believe in making business communication simple, so we’ve put together this guide to business mobiles sharing our favourite handsets and the must-haves for business mobiles.

Which handset should I choose?

Arguably, the best part of getting a new phone is choosing which device to get. This can also be one of the more complicated aspects as there are now so many to choose from!

We’d recommend using the system that you’re most comfortable with already for your personal mobile or other tech products, such as computers, tablets, smart watches and wireless headphones. If you own Apple products, having an Apple device for your business phone makes sense as you’ll be familiar with the system. Equally, if you’re already comfortable using Android devices then you’ll be more likely to choose one for your business mobiles.

Business sims and tariffs

Another important area to consider is the tariff that your business mobiles will be on. Your tariff will depend on what your phones are being used for. Team members that are going to be making a lot of phone calls but won’t be spending a lot of time on apps will need a higher amount of minutes and not as much data. Alternatively, those who do spend a lot of time on apps but don’t make a lot of phone calls would need more data than minutes.

 The amount of data, minutes, and texts that your team will need will become clearer over time, as you’ll see how much each member of the team really use their device. At Chrome, we can advise on the right tariff for you and arrange a spending cap if you have concerns over costs.

Which apps will I need?

The apps that will need to be downloaded to your business phones will vary according to the job role of each employee. However, there are some key apps for business use that we would recommend downloading for all team members.

The iPECS ONE app connects to your business phone system so that you can make calls from your business phone number remotely. This high performing app also has instant messaging and video call features and can be remotely configured, so if a member of your team leaves the company whilst in possession of a business mobile they can easily be removed, and their access denied.

We’d also recommend downloading the apps for your CRM and business email accounts, so that your remote team members can access them on the go. If you need, these apps often also enable you to prevent members of staff from accessing your documents and customer information, keeping your sensitive information safe.

Keeping your devices safe

Investing in business mobiles will require you to trust your team members with the responsibility of taking care of their devices. Many businesses request that their team members sign contractual agreements to return the device in the same state as it was given, to ensure that the devices are taken care of.

You can help your team members to take care of their devices with screen protectors and cases designed to protect mobile phones if they are dropped. As for keeping the devices safe from loss or theft, you’ll have to ensure that team members with business mobiles can be trusted to be responsible.

How we can help with your business mobiles

At Chrome, we’re here to make business communication as simple as we can, this includes business mobiles. From your price range to the features that you need, we’ll listen to your requirements and give our recommendations.

Once you’ve made your choices, we’ll add them to your package and arrange for you to receive your new mobiles. Your business mobile costs will be on the same monthly bill as your other services from Chrome, so you don’t need to worry about handling multiple bills.

We hope you’ve found our guide to business mobiles helpful. If you’re interested in arranging business mobiles for your team then get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help.

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