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Latest trends for CCTV

Modern CCTV systems are steadily advancing. As well as better image quality, the latest systems are full of exciting and effective new features to protect your business. At Chrome, we offer all this business security alongside our business communication solutions, giving our customers the ease of having all services on one monthly bill.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the latest releases in CCTV by keeping up with industry trends. In 2022, we’re already seeing better durability and enhanced features. We’re also seeing more businesses use CCTV for purposes other than security.

To help you keep up to date, we’ve put together our top 5 of the latest CCTV trends.  

1. Most new systems will be using cloud software

CCTV systems with cloud software have a lot of benefits compared to their analogue predecessors, and this technology is steadily becoming more popular for businesses.

For a start, footage is much higher quality than old analogue cameras. But also, a cloud platform offers far more flexibility. Data is all securely stored, and quick and convenient to delete if needed for GDPR purposes. If you need to view footage from a particular day or share it with the police, it’s easy to find in a simple, searchable database. Better yet, because you’re not tied to hardware, you can access footage remotely.

You can even download mobile apps that connect to your cloud CCTV system, meaning that you really can view it from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or data connection. You can even integrate it with other software you use, and because it’s cloud-hosted, upgrades and maintenance are much simpler than with hardware. It’s no wonder that we’re seeing so many businesses opting in to this more modern solution, and we can’t wait to see what new features come next!

2. Low-light surveillance

When leaving your premises overnight, you’ll want to ensure that your camera gives you the clearest footage possible. After all, this is when your business is most likely to be targeted by burglars and vandals, and traditional cameras simply don’t pick up clear enough images in the dark. The latest innovations in the security industry are working to improve the quality of footage captured overnight through infrared lights and low-light surveillance.

Infrared lights are a great feature for your system to have but the footage won’t be in colour which makes it difficult to pick up details such as numberplates. The industry has recognised this and is designing cameras which use larger apertures and sensors to capture colour footage in any light conditions. We’re predicting that these features will become the standard, which would be a great industry advancement.

3. Deep Learning / AI

Industry leaders have been utilising AI technology by designing cameras which have the capability of learning over time. On a basic level, these learn to distinguish between different types of object like human, animal and different vehicle types.

If the camera spots a person or vehicle and an alarm is triggered, they’ll remember what that person or vehicle looked like. This will help to detect the intruder if they revisit your premises, whilst also ensuring that harmless events don’t trigger a false alarm in future.

The potential is vast, as it could lead to partly or even fully automated security systems in the future. We’re confident that as this technology advances, deep learning and AI will become popular features in telecoms and security systems.

4. Better durability

For businesses with special requirements, cameras are being released that can handle pretty much any environment. The features that enable better durability range from corrosion-proof casings to underwater cameras and even ones with tiny windscreen wipers for dusty or damp locations.

This will be a great benefit for businesses where hardware can be at risk of damage, such as in construction or heavy industry. With more durable systems, businesses will be able to become more sustainable whilst saving costs as there will be less chance of needing replacements. 

5. Not just for security

Regulations are getting stricter for many industries. This is especially true in industries like manufacturing, logistics or food and hospitality, where health and safety need to be monitored heavily.

To make it clear that your company is staying compliant, a CCTV system is a necessity. If regulators inspect your premises or if there is an investigation, footage showing that your team are compliant with regulations can really help you. CCTV systems will also give you more confidence that your team are continuing to be compliant whilst you’re away from your premises.

We hope that you’ve found our top five latest CCTV trends helpful, and we’re certainly excited about the latest and upcoming industry advancements and how they’ll benefit our customers.

If you are looking to upgrade your business security or have a system installed then be sure to get in touch with our team of experts today!

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