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Creating an effective business communication solution for logistics companies

At Chrome, we create solutions to solve our customer’s problems. From supporting remote work to ensuring that you’re not missing customer calls, we’re here to help. We provide business communication systems to customers in a variety of industries, and we always seek to understand the unique challenges faced by each sector.

We’ve recently shared a case study from Global E-Commerce Experts, a fast-growing logistics business who we’re proud to provide to. When designing their solution, we considered the specific requirements of their industry to give the best possible experience for the team and their customers.

This blog will share the communication challenges faced by logistics companies, and the solutions that we offer to solve them.

Connect with every member of your team

Logistics teams often work across a combination of office, warehouse and remote roles. Teams will need to be able to communicate with each other effectively from different locations throughout the day.

Being able to easily connect with teams across different locations is crucial to the successful operations of a logistics company. Global E-Commerce Experts have premises in the United Kingdom as well as Europe, and they needed to be able to reliably reach each other from each of these sites.

Having separate systems and providers for each of your premises can essentially turn them into separate businesses. Communicating reliably in these situations is a huge challenge. Using one communication system connected to multiple locations will result in improved communication, and smoother operations.

We recommend cloud-based business communication systems. These can be used from any location, are remotely configured, and can be easily scaled up as your business grows.

We also recommend CRM integrations so that your call data can be integrated with customer accounts. This will benefit your customers, as when they contact various team members, each team will be up to date with the same customer account records. As well as CRM integrations, your system can also be integrated with industry specific platforms and software – creating a complete business communication solution.

Another way to support your remote staff and keep them connected is by providing business mobiles. Chrome can recommend the best tariffs for your business, as well as providing the iPECS ONE app which allows you to make phone calls, video calls and send instant messages from your business phone number on the go. 

Move freely across your site

As well as needing to remotely connect with team members based at various premises, many logistics businesses will have larger premises with both an office and warehouse. It’s important that staff can move freely between all areas of the premises whilst still being able to answer any calls.

we can provide DECT cordless handsets so that staff can handle calls on the go. These enable team members at logistics businesses to stay connected whilst travelling across your premises. These handsets are Wi-Fi enabled, and with our strategic placement of base stations and receivers they can stay connected so that calls won’t drop out.

As well as this, Wi-Fi access points can be placed around your site to create a mesh network. This means that you can move around the site, without having to worry about losing your connection.

Keeping your teams safe

Your staff based at warehouses need to be kept safe, so it’s important that in the case of an emergency your team can respond quickly.

Chrome can support you in keeping your staff safe through new safety features on DECT handsets.  These include man-down alarms. These can be activated to send alerts to the team in the case of an incident. Ruggedised DECT handsets are also durable to survive most situations without breaking easily.

Handling complicated customer orders

Customer orders for logistics businesses can get complicated. With our call recording features you can ensure that orders over the phone are taken correctly by listening back to your phone calls. This is also a great asset in ensuring that your teams are handling customer calls correctly and enable you to make improvements to staff training by listening back to calls. All call recordings are securely stored and can be quickly referred to through a global search feature.

CRM integrations can also support you in handling complicated customer orders, as you can leave notes on customer accounts detailing their orders. When the customer calls in regarding an order they’ve placed or to make a new order their account will pop up on your screen. This will make your call smoother as you can clearly see your customer’s past order details without needing to spend time trying to find the account.

We hope that you’ve found it helpful to understand the communications challenges commonly experienced by logistics companies, and the solutions that we have to solve them. For more insight into how we have helped logistics companies with bespoke business communication systems, check out our case study with Global E-Commerce Experts. You can also get in touch with our team for more information on our products and services.

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