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Recognising excellence at Chrome Telecom

Recognising hard work is incredibly important to us at Chrome. We believe that all our team members’ achievements should be celebrated, not just their work-related successes but also in their personal lives.

At the end of every year, we hold a company awards night, ‘The Chromies’, to celebrate the hard work and achievements of our team over the past year. Sadly, we were unable to go ahead with our awards night at the end of 2021 due to the pandemic.

So, last weekend we got together and celebrated our achievements of 2021 with food and cocktails for the team. The whole team were congratulated for their work over 2021, with individual awards being handed out for specific departments and achievements.

Here are our award winners for 2021:

Employee of The Year 2021

Our 2021 Employee of The Year is engineer Kyle Herbert! Kyle gives 110% in everything that he does for Chrome Telecom, and we’re incredibly grateful for it. In 2021, Kyle received multiple five-star reviews for the work that he does for our customers. He always gives maximum attention to detail at his installs, and has delivered in depth training to new starters in his team. He was promoted to Senior Telecommunications Engineer at the start of 2022, taking on new responsibilities and continuing to deliver brilliant work.

Employees’ Employee of The Year 2021

We also give our team the opportunity to vote for the employee that they believe deserves special recognition for their hard work over the year. For our 2021 awards, the team voted for our Billing Manager Gemma Palmer! Gemma is a huge part of our team and is loved by all. She works very hard and ensures that everything she does is to the highest standard. She also makes the team laugh (a lot!) and has a genuine concern for the entire Chrome family. Gemma is very deserving of the Employees’ Employee of The Year award and we’re grateful for everything that she does for the team.

Engineer of The Year 2021

For 2021 we decided to introduce department specific awards for our engineers and our sales team. Our Senior Telecommunications Engineer and 2021 Employee of The Year, Kyle Herbert, also took home the Engineer of The Year award specifically celebrating his engineering achievements. If you’re one of our existing customers, it’s likely that you’ll have met Kyle and will be familiar with his helpful and friendly personality. Kyle completes his installations with a high level of care and attention to detail, giving a personal service to every customer that he meets and speaks with.

Salesman of The Year 2021

For our sales focused awards, Lloyd Maxwell took home Salesman of The Year 2021. Lloyd has been part of the Chrome family for almost six years, and in 2022 he was promoted to Sales Manager. Lloyd has brought a lot of new business to Chrome and has delivered exceptional training to new starters in our sales team over the year. He’s a big part of the Chrome team and is deserving of recognition for his achievements.

Telemarketer of The Year 2021

Lloyd Maxwell also took home Telemarketer of The Year 2021! To win not one but two awards this year demonstrates Lloyd’s value to the team. We’re excited to see him progress in his new role of Sales Manager in 2022.

Chromie of The Year 2021

Our final award is our Chromie of The Year 2021. The Chromie of The Year award celebrates the team member who shares the Chrome brand at every given opportunity and represents our values. Our Chromie of 2021 is Amethyst Sainsbury, our Marketing Executive. Amethyst joined Chrome in September 2021 and has become a big part of the team, enthusiastic about the brand and regularly sharing company updates and news.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning more about our team members and their 2021 achievements. If you’re interested in becoming part of a company that celebrates every achievement and supports personal and career growth with development opportunities, incentives and rewards then be sure to visit our ‘Careers’ page for our current vacancies.

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